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As a factory-direct wholesaler and manufacturer, we are capable of providing heavy-duty, high quality spring hooks, swivel hooks, bolt snaps, dog leash bolt snap hooks pet and dog collar hooks hardware fasteners at low costs.These items are great for Apparel, Hangbags, Marine Use, Dog Leashes, Pet Lead and Industrial Applications. The first time it was attached to his collar and we were just playing in the yard, all of a sudden the leash was no longer attached! I think because he is wiggly that they happen to just put pressure on the right spot of the clip and push it open. He now has a leash that attaches to both his collar and his harness with trigger snaps, and another leash that has an attachment (all with trigger snaps) so the leash will be attached to both collar and harness.
Ironically I picked that leash because I thought it would be more secure since she was an XL dog.
I have had it happen a couple times where the leash is suddenly not attached to the dog's collar with no apparent reason (no wiggling, pulling, broken springs, etc.). For a dog that likes to roll while wearing a harness, if I face the bolt clip latch towards his body rather than away, it seems less likely to catch on the ground and come open. I remember one time I had Luna ( my first foster pit bull- an absolute nutcase) and we were walking in a big urban park and she was trotting along beside me and the leash felt odd.

Just a few weeks ago out at another park, Chester was on his harness and rolled around on his back and stood up and started to walk towards my friends, sans leash. The easiest quick (as in, stuff that can be bought at the hardware store) back-up fix IMO is a double ended clip with one attached to the base of the leash clip and the other to the end of a long choke chain. Since I've also dropped the leash about as many times, I practice "Wait" a lot so at least the dog will pause and look back at me while I pick up the leash. Please note that if you ever put a "choke chain" on your dog it should only be around the dogs neck when training. You may want to try the short chain method first (this can be done by simply clipping the collar's length to a chain link so the dogs are closer to each other) - just to get your dogs used to walking near each other.
You may attach additional dogs in this method by simply adding another choke chain to the other side of the largest dog's collar and attaching the leash to the largest dog - but we suggest no more than three dogs this way, with the largest dog in the middle. Don't clip the leash closer to the smaller dog - if the largest dog dashes, your small dog may be jerked off his feet! Do NOT use a choke or martingale collar on either dog; if one dog moves away, the other dog is punished.

Never leave the choke chain on the dog when you are not training and when the dog is not under your watch.
Even more than with one dog, two dogs in front of the human leaves the human with very little or no control of their actions. The second time (last night) it was a different leash which was attached to his front clip harness.
Fortunately, she was also one of the best natured dogs I have come across and patiently waited for me to loop the other end of the leash around her harness for a temporary fix. Multiple dogs can easily perpetuate their emotions and will often gang up on any dog they meet.

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