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When you have small kids in your home, it’s a very normal thing for them to jump on the sofa or on bed, they love it too much, but the most amazing thing happened when their pit bull dog joined them.
Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and faithful dogs; people think that they are wild, that’s why they submit them in fights.
The footage shows the dog jumping on the bed and rolling around while a cat watches on quietly.

It seemed a bit unfair the mutt wasn’t allowed on the bed when the feline was, but after watching the footage we probably understand why. This 3 minutes video is joyful, and the best thing about it is the girl’s laugh, they are happy with what they are doing with their pit bull dog, it seems that the bond between them is so strong. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination, before this, there were German shepherd, Doberman and Dalmatians or any big dog breed.

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