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Jump Mesh Comfort Black Dog Harness is made with lightweight, durable, high quality air mesh for a breathable, custom fit. Description: Lightweight, breathable mesh dog harnesses are fully adjustable for an easy fit.
The elegant Dog Mesh Harness feature convenient ADJUSTABLE chest and closes with a clasp for extra security.

The Yuppie Puppy Anti-Pull Mesh Harness is designed to stop pulling instantly while providing comfort to your pet.
The patented harness structure gives with the dog's natural movements while still providing an anti-pull function for the moderate- to heavy-pulling dog.
You can attach the leash onto the Doggle Harness Leash or you can wear it without it for convenience and style.

Animal-friendly, Comfy and soft Mesh Construction provides great ventilation Stylish sporty design harness, no more chocking of your tiny one.

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