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On Tuesday 3 March, Public and Uniformed Services students, together with Animal Care, Medical and Forensic Science students attended a dog handler demonstration given by the British Army.
The guest speakers discussed careers within the Army, including careers as veterinary technicians, veterinary surgeons and dog handlers. The students then watched a display by Dog Handler, Pte Meg Edwards, and her dog – a brown Labrador named ‘Dude’.
Naturally, when researching where to purchase a trained protection dog or looking into getting your dog obedience trained, you will want to be certain that the prospective company has the experience to not only reach your expectations but exceed them. We take great pride in our facilities which have been developed over the years to incorporate a 5 star kennel complex, indoor and outdoor training areas and a comprehensive agility field. For over two decades we have specialised in training and conditioning family protection dogs to be not just family guardians but fully integrated pets and family companions, often doubling as the kid's best friend and playmate.
At A1K9, we offer security dog and handler training courses for those wishing to pursue a career within the commercial security sector.
We are firmly committed to helping to raise the standards of security dogs and handlers within the security sector. We are committed to raising the standard within the security industry, helping security dog handlers to achieve recognised qualifications with their dog.

We are experienced in supplying bespoke security dog handler courses for those operating as part of residential security teams or working as close protection officers.
The BIPDT security dog handlers accreditation is awarded to a dog and handler team after successfully completing the course and subsequent test and remains in force for a period of three years after which time the dog and handler are re tested. At the time of the test the candidate will be asked questions relating to their dogs health, all of which is covered in the BIPDT security dog handlers handbook. Patrol, Location and Criminal Work: The handler is taught to patrol in a proper co-ordinated manner with his or her dog and to recognise indications given by the dog that there may be an intruder on the premises.
The dog and handler team are taught how to deal with an intruder once they have been located and the dog may have to demonstrate its ability to protect its handler from attack.
Agility: The dog must be taught to negotiate certain obstacles, for example, a 3ft hurdle and a 4ft 6" solid wall whilst remaining under full and proper control. Other: The handler must be able to fit a muzzle to his or her dog and must show that they are able to carry the dog, if required, for at least 10 paces.
There is now also a level 2 accreditation which further tests the capability of dog and handler teams, designed for those who wish to progress their training and knowledge to a higher level. A large number of our executive level dogs accompany their families on holidays and business trips and will perform the duties that might otherwise be the job of a close protection operative.

We believe that our facilities are unsurpassed, a little like the dogs that we train and supply. If so, A1K9 offer a full complement of group dog training classes that owners can attend with their dogs. Our instructors are able to tutor both dogs and handlers in preparation for examination and are fully conversant with the current legislative requirements governing the use of dogs within the commercial sector. Once the situation has been brought under control, the dog and handler team will be shown how to safely escort the intruder to a designated area. Your dog being professionally trained and looked after at our facilities by our experienced team of trainers giving guaranteed results; an obedient dog! Ranging from puppy socialisation classes for the younger pups, right through to our platinum obedience class for owners looking to train their dogs to a high standard, we have courses for all levels. The handler will be taught how to administer basic first aid to their dog and what to do in case of their dog requiring emergency treatment.

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