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I almost ALWAYS recommend a head halter for dogs that show ANY kind of aggression: dog aggression, human aggression, wheel aggression (wanting to chase scooters, cars, roller skates), and even fear aggression. This early orientation with the Gentle Leader helped solidify its importance while training and working with dogs with aggression.
I have also never trained a Service Dog that was not trained with and acclimated to the Gentle Leader; it simply gives people with limited physical ability more control of large dogs. I like the Gentle Leader and similar head halters that are adjustable under the muzzle, I think they can be a marvelous training tool. If your dog has aggressive tendencies, I think they are essential in providing control and insurance against an incident, possibly for a lifetime. Minette Reply:September 8th, 2011 at 10:56 amShe may never be safe with others like you mention and it is probably not something SHE is interested in, but with a gentle leader you can control her and keep her safe and comfortable! I didn’t care for the gentle leader because the dog can use his paw and get it off their nose. It is a little light to tell someone that this or any other harness…will do the job of controlling their dog if it is aggressive in any way. The information about the gentle leader was terrific, I have one for my rescue alaskan malamut who weighs 50K (she is a big girl even for her breed).
Control the torso, however, and the dog will pull like a punctilious draft horse behind on his rounds. You might drop one leash cover which will crash on the pavement with a loud crack which, if it doesn’t break the darn thing, will scare the dogs into flight, leaving you chasing a gun shy dog down the street with virtually no chance to grab the leash that has retracted to within six inches from his quickly escaping neck. Really, I like to give dogs as much leash as the environment and circumstances allow, and they’re obedient and mature enough to handle.

I will say this for retractables:  dogs are less likely to step over them, and you can do the ratchet maneuver where you raise and lower your arm while stroking the flywheel (or whatever) with the cog by gently pressing the button, resulting in a loud ratchet sound which the pooch can hear and feel as small little pulses in the leash.
This entry was posted in Diary of a Dog Walker and tagged Gentle Leader, Pinch Collar, Retractable Leash on July 13, 2011 by admin. The muzzle is excellent because my dog can drink with it on so I can bring water for him, and he can take treats through the muzzle and chew…it gives him an opportunity to have safe walks and excercise.
He is a gentleman in the house but out side he takes over with his own desires, on the leash or off. I prefer the halti callor brand as it has a safety clip that attaches to dogs regular callor. I have tried the Halti and the Gentle Leader, they do not stay on her, I am now using the Dog Whispers harness for pulling, this dosen’t stop her. It probably would help his aggression towards other dogs but I think he is too small for this. Any person that has dealt with an aggressive dog will know that it takes more to guide their dog. I would love my daughter to be able to bring her dogs out to my property and let them run in the exercise yard with mine. As it is, I get plenty of practice passing retractable leashes between hands (behind my back, over my head, between my legs, oh yes) every morning with Jackson and Poncho, two large energetic dogs who are used to dashing where they please. I tried every collar known to man,inckuding the gentle leader, then finally the prong collar.I had to keep him under control for his safety as well as the publics, including other animals, dogs in particular.
I accomplished more in one week with the e-collar than I did the five previous months with a gentle leader,muzzle, and 16 weeks of obedience training.

I certainly agree that the Gentle Leader helps control dogs who have other things on their mind than walking on a loose lead. She is a great dog with good manners, not aggressive towards anyone, insecure and will walk away from people she is unsure of; mostly men.
Many dogs that seem to exhibit aggression are being defensive and they need more than a collar or leash to change that.
The Easy Walk Harness front chest attachment stops pulling by steering dog to the side & redirecting his attention to the handler. Any corrections that my dog gets is when he tries to lunge, pull, or control the walk my advancing on another animal or individual.
I see a lot of people walking their dogs with just a leash under the chin; it takes a lot of deep breaths on my part to avoid telling them to use a double hook lead with this type of equipment.
We walk two miles or more at least twice a day, my dog is safe and obedient, walks with his snout in line with my knee. He is very close to 100 pounds, I am female,close to 60, have two bum knees, and carry a stick to protect my dog from others, after all, he does not have the option of using his teeth.

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