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Many people tease me about cooking for my dog and say that Snickers is spoiled, but providing my pup with proper nutrition free of preservatives and byproducts is my main priority.  I did quite a bit of research online and by talking to several veterinarians prior to settling on the “right” recipe for Snickers’ food.
Although your dog may be the most gentle and sweet pup, he is still a descendant of the wolf and retains his carnivorous physiology. I started my dog on a whole(real) foods diet when she was a few months old due to allergies and recently started my senior cat on it. Hi Lia: Because your dog is still a pup, you should consult your vet about what ingredients, as well as how much, to feed him. My dogs are 15 years old and are allergic to everything…literally, every time I stray a bit they get rashes. I think that home cooking can even be comparable in price to what you would pay for nice commercial food.
I commend the article as well as anyone starting the journey and hope one day that the politics in food (ours and our pets) fade. Thank you for sharing, I have been cooking my dogs food for about a week now and this is helpful. I recently took my dog off Kibbles because she has Cushings and it leads to excessive thirst.
We just found out (after many doctors visits) that my dog is allergic to many things in commercial dog food.

I would love to start cooking meals for her but I am constantly being told that dogs need extra vitamins and minerals that a homecooked meal cannot give them.
From just the recipe above, your dog is missing a large portion of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Different dogs have different dietary needs depending on their size and adding a supplement for any predisposed genetic conditions is probably a good idea. My thought is that they would need much more of the raw type food over commercially prepared. I talked to my vet who told me that dogs have nutritional needs that are very similar to human’s. A bunch of us here at the office have been making Snicker’s stew and trying out variations and the ratio’s and different varieties of foods you shared will be particularly helpful, thanks again! His name is sam I just started him on our food and took him off dog food kibbles I am looking for some recipes Sam does have some allergies he itches and choose his paws. Component amino acids from protein are used for bones, muscles and tissues, and since puppies are still growing, they require a higher percentage of these amino acids than adult dogs.  A puppy’s diet should contain about 28% protein while an adult dog’s diet only needs to contain about 18% protein. I’m going to have to start cooking my dog’s food and this is a great starting point! I have another dog and just rescued a puppy mill dog and he is sooo skinny and he isn’t a big eater.

I am not sure where you live, but there is a company called Just Food For Dogs and these guys work one on one with clients to formulate a diet for your dog that is specific to their health needs. I noticed the topic of calcium come up in the comments and wanted to add that it’s imperative especially for a young dog to have the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio. Combined, they consumed a 30lb bag each week and I have since cut that food bill in half(literally, I spend $28 a week now for 230lbs of dog)!
I think you should consult a holistic vet and they can advise on what homemade or raw diet would be right for your dog. I am currently working with a Vet nutritionist who pointed out that dogs cannot absorb sufficient nutrients, minerals and vitamins from fruits and veggies alone. If you have a little money to spend, they can tailor a diet especially for your dog, you have a consultation, they make a plan and then you prepare the food, I will email this info to you as well but I hope that helps! Then I was thinking that she probably needs veggies and other things so I started researching online and came across your recipe.
When I have to take them to a kennel, I will put the food in 8 ounce canning jars while it’s hot and then store in the refrigerator.

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