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A dog who has ingested salmonella may be lethargic and have diarrhea (possibly with blood), fever, and vomiting. 10 Necklaces Dog Lovers Can’t Stop Talking About!17 CommentsA Dog Left His Toy Outside And A Fox Found It. If your food is on this list, please visit the original press release for more information on what to do.

A couple who would never dream of saying the name of a fashion house incorrectly is Vogue US editor Anna Wintour and Grace CoddingtonCompleting the top 20 is Spanish fashion house Balenciaga ('Ba-len-sia-ga'), Miuccia Prada's high-end label Miu Miu ('Mew-mew'), bridal line Marchesa ('Mar-kay-sah'), Japanese company Comme des garcons ('Comb-dey-gah-sohn') and Belgian designer Dries Van Noten ('Drees van know-ten').Etiquette consultant Diana Mather, from The English Manner, said while it can be embarrassing to mispronounce a label, there are ways to avoid social faux pas. 'Always ask! Last year the vendor list included favorites like Cafe Kubal and Lao Village but also over thirty producers and farms. It is better to get someone to repeat the name several times than get it wrong,' she said. 'It shows something about your manners rather than class.

In addition to the produce and farms, the market hosted jewelry and craft vendors, gourmet pickle makers, and even gourmet dog treats.

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