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According to a  study from Purina maintaining your dog at it’s ideal weight can significantly extend their life.
So unsurprisingly the study showed that dogs kept at their idea body weight lived on roughly 1.8 years longer than their overweight litter mates! Overhead Check: Looking at your dog from overhead, identify whether you can see a waist behind his ribs. The Bow Wow Times teams has it sights set to be one of the most popular online wagazines for dogs and dog-lovers across the world. In the most recent Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey, it is alarming to know that more than 50% of US dogs are overweight or obese.
Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight is available for Adult Dogs that require fewer calories (dogs that are less active, neutered to prone to weight gain).
Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight is available for dogs and cats in both dry kibble and canned food.

If you have an adult dog, there are a variety of ways to exercise your dog both physically and mentally. Thankf for the advice Sugar…staying fit is a huge goal of ours so we’re glad you are spreading the news! It’s pretty easy to overfeed your dog and as they age, the weight can really creep up.
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However in her early senior years, Sugar’s vet suggested losing 5 lbs will be a healthy weight to maintain.
It is important you choose an age and size appropriate diet and measure your dog’s food at every feeding. Haley had a few pounds to lose and by just cutting back a little on her food and watching treats more carefully, she’s back to her ideal weight.

Actually feeling your dog is important, as the coat of many dogs will make a visual check difficult.
These dog health risks also impact the quality of life and longevity of an overweight or obese dog. Her vet also educated me about obesity as one of the major health issues facing senior dogs. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient which supports healthy weight loss and maintains lean muscle.

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