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Glucose monitors, test strips, and lancets: people dealing with diabetes are all too familiar with the types of equipment used to test their blood glucose (sugar) levels.
Canine diabetes testing can be a nightmare to most pet owners especially those who are not aware that the disease can be cured. Signs of dog diabetes are conditions or the state of health of your dog and early detection of these symptoms is a step in recognizing that your dog is in need of medical attention. The major fear for most people whose favorite dogs get diagnosed with dog diabetes is the thought of having to give their diabetic dogs the revered dog insulin injections about twice a day. Since there is no valid alternative for insulin shots, in case your dog becomes diabetic, you have to do it.
Canine diabetes mellitus is a disease of the pancreas also known as “sugar diabetes” caused when the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin and thus cannot regulate blood sugar.
Most dogs suffering from diabetes have poor appetite and therefore fail to eat their meals. Carbohydrates from sources such as whole-wheat pasta and sweet potato are recommended for inclusion in the diet for the diabetic dog. Now some people are adding a different kind of aid to their diabetes management regimen, diabetes alert dogs.

Research has shown that with proper dog insulin injections and diabetic dog diet, your dog can survive the diabetes condition.
Dog diabetes signs and symptoms will vary from breed to breed and it’s recommended that you visit your vet in case you notice any of `the following changes in your dog’s health or behavior.
A dog suffering from this condition is unable to regulate sugar levels in the blood and therefore suffers from different kinds of health problems. Recipes made at home are good because the owner will be assured of the nutritional content of the food.
Diabetes trained dogs are canines that have been trained to react to and detect high or low blood sugar levels in individual who suffer from type I or type II diabetes. Without insulin the muscles and organs cannot convert the glucose in the blood into energy and this lead to excessive amount of glucose in the blood, a condition called hyperglycemia. This condition can be managed with the use of well balanced meals adjusted to cater for the needs of the diabetic canine. In order to get the best meals for the sick dog, the owner should understand the nutritional value of the ingredients in every meal.
Care should be exercised when selecting the carbohydrates to be used in the food for the diabetic dog.

Thus, you can easily manage the condition of the dog by making sure you are using the best food at any time. These dogs are trained to accompany and alert their diabetic owners when their blood glucose level is high (hyperglycemia) or low (hypoglycemia) so as to remind them to either take their insulin shots for patients with high sugar levels or eat sugary snacks for those with low sugar levels. A combination of all these steps and applying the consistently will help keep the diabetes in control.
These dogs are constant companions and follow their owners wherever they go just like a guide or assistant dog would do. As a result, a diabetic dog may want to eat constantly, but will appear malnourished because its cells can’t absorb glucose.

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