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So, this is the second time I had a repeat delivery and the second time I had to call for a refund due to the food being destroyed. MY DOGS USED TO EAT ANOTHER BRAND AND AFTER A WHILE THEY WERE GETTING TIRED OF IT THAT THEY SOMETIMES WOULD NOT EAT.
My dogs love the chicken and duck variety and with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness name, I know they are getting the best! My dogs have enjoyed this canned food as a compliment to their Easy to digest chicken based dry dog food. I added the canned food to my dogs' diet because I was only giving them the dry and noticed their skin was a little dry and they seemed thirsty.

I have a GSD who gets very bored with foods and is a picky eater, which sometimes leads to stomach upset. Nature Recipe does my pocketbook good by making this canned food, which is as healthy as the best of them! Since giving them the canned mixed with the dry, they are noticeably less thirsty and their skin looks less dry.
I needed something that would be light on my dogs stomach and something she would actually eat !
I think it is a good value, and easy to digest chicken and vegetables mixture, that works best for our family of dogs.

I put a little bit of water in their bowls, add the dry food, then I add the canned and mix it together.
I'm hoping that drinking the water after they eat will rinse off some the wet food from their teeth.

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