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Outfits made especially for dogs by Baylor apparel design students have won top prizes at the Fashion Group International Dallas Career Day competition and have also raised more than $12,000 to benefit Texas animal rescue shelters.
Jaynie Fader, a lecturer in the family and consumer sciences department, incorporated the Four Legged Fashion portion of the Career Day competition into her advanced apparel production and evaluation course two years ago as a special assignment for students. After the winners were announced in April, the garments were donated to Four Legged Fashion Fund to be auctioned off at the May 2011 “Pup-tail” party, along with outfits created by professional designers.

Baylor has had three students place in the Four Legged Fashion category of the Dallas Career Day competition in the past two years.
Along with Berry and Major, Austin junior Kaylyn Smith, a fashion design major, placed second in the Dallas Career Day competition in 2010 in the Four Legged Fashion category. Students will have the chance to compete and learn again on April 13, 2012 at the next Fashion Group International Dallas Career Day.

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