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Along with stunning photos, the book also has helpful “care and training” basics, which, luckily, employ positive techniques, as well as amazing illustrations of canine anatomy and interesting dog-culture coverage of canine evolution, art, lore and history.
For example, the Lucas Terrier is a cross created by Sir Jocelyn Lucas, who—unhappy with the way his breed, the Sealyham, was being modified by show-ring standards—bravely decided “to outcross his dogs with a Norfolk Terrier” to add more vigor.

Then there’s the New Zealand Huntaway, who “lacks a breed standard”; this mix of German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Border Collie makes for a very handsome dog.
Flipping through the pages rewards the reader with information on more than 400 breeds, crossbreeds and “unknowns,” in all their sizes, shapes and colors—an exploration that speaks not only to the length of our association with dogs, but just how much we’ve influenced their development.

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