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Since dogs are scavengers, they'll seize the chance to grab a tasty treat conveniently located on the counter or coffee table.
You can better understand this behavior by watching dogs interact with one another around food. Often the punishment is given too long after the fact for the dog to connect the punishment with his stealing the food. Use baby gates or fencing to contain dogs in areas of the home that are away from the kitchen or dining areas.

There is evidence that the earliest dogs were wolves who scavenged from human settlements thousands of years ago. Aversive training with booby traps, such as cans that fall, an alarm that goes off, or even a motion-detector sprinkler, often creates an anxious dog and hinders the human-animal bond. But as soon as the first dog walks away or disengages from the bone, it signals to other dogs nearby that the food no longer belongs to a specific dog. The occasional payoff of getting the food will push many canines to try again, even if they get in trouble.

But as soon as food is left unattended, there is nothing to stop a dog from seeing the food as a community morsel.

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