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I chose a pug to help convey the meaning of this Stop Eating Poop remedy for dogs because pugs both mow on their own turds and suck in general. For the majority of dogs today, the answer to our question may simply be this–they like the taste of it! Be vigilant in cleaning up after your dogs.  This is harder to do with the rabbit delights we realize, but it is a sure fire way to get it out of sight and out of mind (or mouth). Some “home remedies” to try (but always check with your veterinarian first to make sure it is safe for your pet):  Adolph’s meat tenderizer sprinkled on their food or canned pumpkin, about a tablespoon or so, mixed in with their food.

We always recommend twice yearly testing of your dog’s stool to check for these parasites to keep your dog and your family healthy. Mix recommended measurements in with the offending dog's food twice daily for the first two weeks, and then once daily thereafter, to make its stool taste bitter and unappealing. It never hurts to check with us and we’ve had plenty of phone calls about this, so you are in good company if you ask.  In some dogs there may be a medical reason or dietary problem at play. I'm an advocate of owning a dog as a pet, but I am not an advocate of owning the kind of dog that is both ugly and hack-snot-coughs in your face with its particles-of-shit-laced breath every opportunity it gets.

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