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It's the human's response to the dog's behavior that teaches our smart pooches to express their desires in such a fashion.  The dog is simply telling you what she wants and you are responding accordingly. Never respond to your dog for offering demanding behaviour; including whining, barking or pawing at you.
If need be,  keep your dog separated or confined during meal time with a baby gate, crate or behind a closed door.I strongly urge new puppy owners to feed their pups all meals from a chew toy in the crate.

Instead of tormenting her with the tantilizing smell of your food, feed her a meal at the same time OR give her an irresistible chew toy to work on.  By doing so, your dog will never associate your meal time with delivery of food from the table, but will be very busy doing her own thing.
Saying, "No bark," or petting your dog in an attempt to cal her actually strengthens these behaviours.

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