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Coprophagia may not be the sort of thing that pops up often in polite conversation or at family get-togethers, but eating poop is more common than you’d think.
The close relationship we have with our dogs is one reason we are taken aback when a dog eats poop. Dogs who are new mothers also lick their puppies to stimulate and encourage them to poop on their own for their first few weeks of life.
The most common reason given for dogs eating poop is nutrient deficiency or lack of dietary variety. I shudder when I recall it, but once, when she was very young, my dog Tina jumped into my arms to lick me.
In nature, however, the love of a mother dog for her puppies provides a solid explanation for dogs eating poop.
Of course, if your dog is pregnant and giving birth in the home, maternal coprophagia is easy enough to control or manage by fastidiously cleaning up after puppies when they do defecate.
When you see your dog eating poop, one instinct is to wonder whether your dog isn’t totally satisfied with the food she’s getting.

As much as it unnerves and unsettles us, and as often as we scrunch our noses at the thought, dogs will continue eating poop.
Certainly, if your dog eats poop, it puts them at greater risk of ingesting intestinal parasites, and exposes them to any number of other unsanitary and unhealthy agents. Eating poop has also been linked to hyperthyroidism, a condition in which certain hormones are overproduced. A dog eats poop to mask or mitigate the scent of her puppies’ poop from potential predators. If you own several dogs and one or more happens, from time to time, to be eating poop, it may be simply something they will see and try themselves.
Another theory one comes across frequently is that a strict diet of dry dog food will cause a dog to begin eating poop. On the other hand, if your dog has intestinal parasites, which can affect the dog’s ability to take in and absorb sufficient nutrients, she may look to poop to provide what the parasite is denying her. A dog eating poop could be suffering from digestive issues like intestinal malabsorption or have issues with his pancreas.

The question will continue to linger until dogs acquire the power of speech and can answer it for themselves. Whether you’re in your home, the yard, out for a walk on the city streets, or watching your dog frolic with others on a beach, no place is safe from the stomach-churning but altogether commonplace phenomenon of dogs eating poop. In any event, it is a good idea to change up your dog’s food from time to time for the sake of variety.
However, if your dog has a parasite problem, like Coccidiosis, it’s far more likely you’d notice the frequent diarrhea and dehydration before you’d comment upon your dog’s predilection for eating poop.
I used to eat ramen all the time at school, and I will extol the virtues of a varied diet forever more.

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