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The assumption for the questions of course, is there must be a single cause for not eating or inappetence and a time period that is dangerous for survival. I have a one year old male Maltese that will only eat under a chair and will not eat next to our other 17 year old female Maltese.
Not eating reduces body functions, especially the immune system, and can be harmful after a period of 4-7 days. He doesn't eat regularly and I believe he isa vegetarian as he loves all kinds of vegetables but most of all chicken. And then there have been the countless dogs that were somewhere in between missing one meal to many meals. Although dogs can survive much longer periods of time without food, the consequences can be significant.

The older dog sometimes tries to cover up her food with the towel that her food is placed on under her dish. I pat her on her sides and thane she will eat.both dogs are healthy and are eating well now.
The dehydrated food that most people feed is packed with calories and expands in a dog's stomach.
Regardless of dog's size; use a lined measuring cup to ascertain the correct quantity of food.
If your dog regularly walks away from their food, then the amount that you are offering is probably more than their daily caloric need. This leads most people to leave food out throughout the day, which can exacerbate the problem.

A sudden loss of appetite or change in eating habits could be an indication that your dog should be brought to the vet.
Biologically, brains are programmed to be suspicious of foods that are offered in abundance.

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