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Located just outside Providence, Rhode Island, Up Country offers high quality dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses, cat collars, cat harness and leash sets, and other pet products with style. Croc, Crocodile Print on Leather Designer Dog Collars and Leashessee more pictures of the Afrikaan Collection, faux croc leather designer collars and leads! Replicating the African Nile crocodile, these faux croc collars are made from 100% Italian full grain leather and are available in six vibrant colors.
The Haute Couture collection is truely so decadent and so fabulous, our customers have made it the number one best selling Hartman and Rose collar and lead combination. Patent Leather Designer Dog Collars and Leasheswith decoration in gold or silver colorsee more pictures of the Georgia Rose Collection, patent leather designer collars and leads!
Feel like a royal wearing angular links of polished nickel or 22 karat gold plate adorning slick red, black or white patent leather collars.
These designer dog collars can be bought without a leash, or as a matching collar and leash set.
In case these Hartman and Rose designer dog collars are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different dog collar categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap to fancy, cool, latest fashion, fashionable uptown designer collars and haute couture! Our company manufactures our ribbon pet collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, toys and many other of our products in our East Providence factory, all hand made and hand sewn with love.
Backed in yellow Italian leather as well, each collar features a 22 karat gold plated buckle. There are sixteen Swarovsky Crystals in each collar, set in either polished nickel or 22 karat gold plate.

These dogcollars can be purchased without a lead, or as a matching dog collar and lead set. We have nylon collars, leather collars, canvas collars, reflective collars, any style, color or pattern you can imagine! Bad Ass Petz has unqiue dog collars that range from punk dog collars to designer dog collars to bling dog collars to absolutely cool dog collars. This dog collar buying guide should help you make the right choice.No collar or harness can function as a panacea for behavior problems (there are no "miracle cures"), nor can it replace the need for consistent and dedicated training. Inspired by the classic appeal of Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Fendi and more, each collar and lead is created with close attention to detail. Actually, some training collars and harnesses can exacerbate physical and behavioral problems, particularly in inexperienced hands. All collars and leads are hand skived for smooth seams and finished with hand polishing and hand painting of the edges. Don't forget to get your doggie a matching dog leash to go with our dog collars and some even come with harnesses to keep your bad ass dog under control.
If you are concerned about a significant behavior problem or obedience hurdle - from aggression to shoddy recalls, consider enlisting the services of a great dog trainer near you. Your trainer and your veterinarian can work together to help you choose the right tool for your dog.Some of the tools mentioned should only be used under the tutelage of an experienced trainer. Any of these tools can be a safety risk when used inappropriately.How To Choose A Dog CollarYour dog may have a license tag, a microchip tag or other identifying tags.

These are the collars that many dogs wear all the time (as identification collars as opposed to training tools). You may want a "break away" collar for your dog's "all the time" collar and a different tool for walking your dog.Another popular collar is the martingale collar. While these are widely recommended for sighthounds, martingales are a good collar for any dog prone to backing out of the leash.
A martingale collar fits loosely when walking, but tightens if the dog tries to back out of the collar - not enough to cut off air or hurt the dog, but enough to keep him safe.Certain collars may be recommended for medical purposes including the Elizabethan collar (the infamous "conehead") and parasite repellant collars. Halters can be difficult for owners to fit well, and it is worth taking a few training sessions to make wearing one a comfortable, low stress experience for your dog!HarnessesBefore getting to walking harnesses, it is important to acknowledge a very important specialty harness - the car harness.
If you enjoy traveling with your dog, provide for his safety by providing him with a impact-tested safety harness for riding in the car. To learn more about the ones that do, check out this great Dogster forum thread.For dogs that pull like freight trains, front clip harnesses are a great choice. To understand why, simply search for images of sled dog harnesses or weight pull harnesses - they are always hooked to the dog's back.

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