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Our easy training system gives superior results, and, we come to you, wherever you are needing help, (home, beach, dog park etc.). SitDropStay was created with a mission to take dog training and behaviour beyond the disempowering overuse of treats, excessive force or medication, and their associated problems, to a more respectful, effective and natural approach. We are seeing many unstable or badly behaved dogs who have previously undergone gone training or seen a behaviourist. Ann and I were expecting a dog behavioural session from you with our puppy Brewster this weekend. I would like to let you know how happy we are for having called George from SitDropStay to help us with our 2yr old Dachshund Jazz who had a nasty experience at a local dog park, which left her with aggressive behaviour and excessive barking.  From the moment that George arrived he exuded a calmness and compassion and a real love for dogs.

Answers to frequently asked questions about our service, dog behaviour training, payment and what you can expect to achieve. So often clients have wasted a lot of money and, more importantly, time and energy, persevering with questionable or ineffective dog training approaches, and even more disturbingly medication, when one or two consults with us has rectified the problem.
Both George and Emma have had years of experience in dog training and dog behaviour before specializing in a Dog Whisperer approach.
They would love to come and help you create a deeper connection with and understanding of your dog¬†ensuring a calm, happy and co-operative pack. What we got was a deep insight into our own behaviour and projections and how this influences Brewster’s responses.

He then proceeded to take us on a walk past the dogs in our neighbourhood that drove our dog crazy!

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