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Average Animal Behaviorist salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Animal Behaviorist salaries for job postings nationwide. Animal behaviorists study the way animals behave and try to determine what causes certain types of behavior and what factors can prompt behavior change.
Some animal behaviorists specialize in anthrozoology – the way animals interact with people. Animal behaviorists work in a variety of settings, including universities and research facilities, zoos, animal training facilities, companies that make pet products, organizations that promote animal welfare, and in private practice, helping pet and livestock owners better understand and care for their animals. Most animal behaviorists are employed in academic settings, usually in biology or psychology departments, where they teach and engage in high-level research.
Larger zoos may employ animal behaviorists and animal behavior assistants to conduct research and serve as curators, designing appropriate environments for animals, monitoring behavior, developing educational displays and speaking to the public about animal behavior. Animal behaviorists who specialize in behavior change work in private practice, zoos, animal shelters or in the veterinary field. The career paths taken by animal behaviorists vary widely, so it’s difficult to determine an average salary for this career. If you want to focus on behavior change, particularly in helping people better relate to their pets, you can become an Associate Applied Animal Behaviorist (which requires a Master’s Degree) or a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (requiring a doctorate).
Prepare to join a professional association, work toward a valuable membership in the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI).

Become a Professional Dog Trainer with at-home training from the Continuing Education Center. If you want to teach pet owners the art of handling their animals, prepare dogs for security or law-enforcement work, work for an established training center or even start your own business, the Dog Obedience Trainer Instructor Program from the Continuing Education Center is for you. Testing and Selection of Dogs Temperament testing and using it to evaluate puppies; selecting the best dog for a particular client. Applied animal behaviorists like the cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy and the dog whisperer Cesar Millan, introduced the field of animal psychology to the public. Education and ExperienceA specific degree isn't required to become an applied animal behaviorist, although universities often offer the option. General Salary InformationAccording to Michael Hutchins, American zoologist and conservationist, the salary for an animal behaviorist varies widely. Service Worker SalariesAnimal behaviorists who don't have a higher education degree likely fall under the Bureau of Labor Statistic's category for animal care and service workers.
Veterinarian Level SalariesAnimal behaviorists who have veterinary degrees earn salaries in the upper end of the animal behaviorist range. Animal behaviorists working in private practice or for private companies typically earn more than researchers or those working for non-profit organizations, such as zoos. Get to know professional animal behaviorists, making it clear that you are interested in this type of career.

Wherever there are dogs, there is a need for dog obedience trainers and you'll have the skills for the job.
Most applied animal behaviorists don't make a salary as large as someone who runs a popular television show.
According to the BLS in 2012, the median salary for animal service workers falls at the lower end of the scale, around $19,970 a year, while animal trainers made a median salary of $25,270 a year. Applied behaviorists find fulfillment teaching companion animals to modify unwelcome behaviors -- such as when a cat won't use a litter box -- and assisting animals that are dealing with trauma readjust.
Behaviorists may work at animal shelters, be veterinarians, run their own businesses or work at large facilities such as Walt Disney World Resort. The certifications are given to veterinarians who received three years of behaviorist training at a residency or with a mentor.
According to the Animal Sciences Department at the University of Illinois, a certified animal behaviorist can make from $36,000 a year up to $75,000 a year or more. Other behaviorists have bachelor's degrees, often in a field such as zoology that includes a specialization in animal behavior.

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