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How to train dog to stop barking is needed to be mastered by everyone with dogs in their house. You can put on your earphone and turn loud music on your phone so that you will never hear the bark. Keep your cat or dog safe and smart with products that will train them to be on their best behavior.
Although we sometimes wish our pets could talk, no one wants to hear their dog barking all day long.
All you have to do to make him stop barking is actually finding the cause and get the solution.

You can do it by close the window with valances or curtain or move your dog to another room.
Whether controlling excessive barking or keeping dirty paws off your couch and counters, there is a smart device that will help you do the job right! The Viatek Super Bark Stop system uses ultrasonic sounds to help control your dog's excessive barking in a humane way that actually teaches him not to bark. The Dogtek NoBark Spray will emit a harmless spray when your dog barks, ultimately training them to cease barking.
That is why you need to make your dog well behaved by first training him to understand when to bark and when not to bark.

If your dog always barks when he face the front window and looking outside, the cause why he barks is probably because of he notices there are strangers passing by the house or there are strange objects on the front yard such as squirrel, birds, lawn mower, and so on. With a range of 50 feet, it's ideal for dogs in large yards, and is completely weatherproof.
The spray is completely safe for dogs, but is unpleasant and surprising to them, causing them to stop the behavior immediately.

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