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Click the button below to add the PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Control Collar PBC00-12725 to your wish list. The PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Control Collar PBC00-12725 is the perfect training tool for big dogs that like to bark!This anti-bark collar is designed for larger dog breeds weighing over 55 pounds with neck sizes up to 28 inches. Choose from 5 brilliant colors, these fun collar accessories are specially designed to fit the PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Control Collar (model #PBC00-12725).
When used properly, a PetSafe deluxe bark collar is a great solution to stop nuisance or excessive dog barking. It's innovative "Perfect Bark" technology ensures your big dog receives corrections for its barks only, and not for a nearby dog's bark.The bark control collar features 10 levels of static correction, starting at the lowest level and progressing to a higher level if excessive barking continues.

When your dog learns to stop barking, the initial warning corrections automatically reduce. The collar is also equipped with a safety feature, which shuts the collar off if your dog barks more than 15 times or for more than a minute and 20 seconds. After 3 minutes, the collar automatically resets itself.The Bark Control Collar is also equipped with "temperament learning" technology.
This provides a more accurate level of training based on your dog's breed and barking behavior.
The software of this patent-pending temperament learning system keeps track of the number of times your dog is corrected before it responds.

The next time your dog engages in a pattern of barking behavior that matches what's in the collar's memory, the collar administers the appropriate number of corrections to silence your dog a lot quicker.
This innovative technology helps to reduce and, in many cases, eliminate the number of times your dog engages in continuous bouts of barking.When used properly, the Elite Big Dog Bark Control Collar can teach your big dog that it's better to stay quiet than to continue with annoying barking behavior.

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