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Without saying a word to each other we lowered our heads and began to walk in the direction of our guesthouse, heading back, forced to accept that Halloween night in Transylvania would be a bust.
And then, some ten minutes after we had pulled out our cameras, we were brought back to reality upon hearing the dogs. When a few minutes would pass without hearing the dogs, we would naturally return to taking more photos until the next round of barking commenced, a process that repeated itself for over an hour as we continued to tiptoe around the graveyard and occasionally exchange high-fives with each other for being so brave on Halloween. However, eventually, a time came when the wind seemed to greatly increase in strength, the barking became more frequent and the trees and tombstones began whispering (so it seemed).
But I made it, as did the others, and soon enough, we all met up in front of the Church on the Hill, having successfully escaped from the Lutheran graveyard of Sighisoara on this most haunted of nights.

We slowly inched forward, not sure what to do, or where to go, but riding high on the thrill of being in such a place on this very night. We heard barking, wild and ferocious barking, but we couldn’t determine from where it came. And then we easily found our way back to the footbridge this time, walked along the river and down the street to our guesthouse, where we quietly settled into our beds, our Halloween night in Transylvania having thankfully come to a safe end. It turns out that when the graveyard is closed every night, four Rottweilers and four Dobermans are released in order to protect the area until morning.
I can’t believe that it is legal to have man eating dogs running around a graveyard without warnings.

Yet despite the sword-like spikes on the top of this very fence, we knew right then and there that nothing was going to deter us from properly celebrating Halloween here in Transylvania. And apparently last year two people were killed when they climbed the fence, tried to explore the graveyard and were promptly attacked by the dogs.
Now I am staying here in Minnesnowta for now raising my 8 yo daughter My brother and I went practically running after 4 girls for about 2 hours that night Thanks again.

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