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This line is about how, much like a barking dog, we are always asking our neighbors for things in an unfriendly way.
Dogs make wonderful companions and ideal pets, but sometimes even a good dog can become an incessant barker.
As your dog learns that silence is rewarded with treats and barking is ignored, you'll need to gradually extend the period of time that your dog must be quiet before receiving a treat. For best results, vary the amount of time your dog must remain quiet before getting a treat.
As you extend the amount of time that you're out of your dog's sight or behind closed doors, you should incorporate counterconditioning methods like a puzzle toy to keep her distracted.
Once your dog can be comfortably left alone for 90 minutes, she will most likely be able to handle four to eight hours of solitude. If you are consistent with your training and practice several times each day on the weekends and at least twice a day on weekdays (such as before work and in the evening), you may be able to accomplish long-term comfort in under a month.[37] However, every dog is different, and your dog may need a longer training period or more training sessions each day.
When you have someone come to the door pretending to be the mailman, it's imperative that your friend does not leave the porch until your dog is quiet.
Depending on your dog's age and physical abilities, you can exercise her in a number of ways.
Shock collars are similar to citronella and ultrasonic collars, but instead deliver a brief electric shock to the dog's neck. Lower-pitched or harsh-sounding barks usually indicate a disturbance of some kind, like fear or alarm.
For visitors to your home, teach your dog to go to a specific spot and wait to receive guests.
This version of How to Stop Dogs from Barking at People was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on June 3, 2015. There are numerous reasons why dogs bark, and that problematic behavior is both annoying and, in many places, illegal. Also called "attention-seeking barking," request barking is a common problem for dog owners. When your dog finally does stop barking, it's important that you praise and reward her for her silence. Counterconditioning is a common treatment method for dogs that typically involves training the dog to associate something fearful with a reward. If your dog has moderate to severe separation anxiety, she most likely will not be cured overnight. It takes a lot of training and practice to get your dog comfortable with prolonged absences.
Once your dog has done this successfully on 10 or more occasions, you can begin giving the quiet command without showing her a treat. Once your dog has learned the quiet command in training sessions, you'll need to apply the quiet command to real-world scenarios. If your dog barks compulsively for no reason, or tends to bark when she's left alone (in the yard, for example), she may be engaging in boredom barking.

Learning and practicing tricks is an excellent way to prevent boredom in dogs and discourage compulsive behavior. In addition to exercise, leaving distractions around the house is a great way to inhibit problem behaviors like boredom barking.
If your dog has barking problems whenever she sees or hears something outside, a simple solution might be to block her access to seeing or hearing that trigger. There are many different types of dog behavior specialists, each with their own unique qualifications.
Bark deterrents like anti-bark collars are very unpleasant for dogs, and should only be used as a last resort when no other method has worked. These collars typically have a number of different settings to change how intense the shock is, and if using one of these collars it is best to use the lowest setting possible to prevent injury to the dog. Dogs who feel confident and aggressive about the situation make themselves look bigger by raising their tails, pricking up their ears, and holding their heads high.
Rewarding your dog for behaviors you want to eliminate must be avoided, as this will only reinforce those behaviors. If your dog barks whenever she sees other dogs or people, she may not get enough socialization. Puzzle games, especially those that involve food or treats, can be a good way to keep your dog occupied and happy. Distracting your dog can help curb problem barking by giving your dog something else to focus on. Perhaps counter-intuitively, you need to get your dog to bark to teach her how to be quiet. The first step to quieting your dog's barking is to find out why she is making so much noise.
The first step to breaking a dog's request barking is to stop giving your dog what she wants whenever she barks. Even after you've discontinued your reinforcement of that behavior, it will most likely take a while to break your dog of the habit.
In the case of separation anxiety, instead of fearing someone or something, the dog fears being left alone. A good way to get your dog more accustomed to solitude is to gradually desensitize her to being left alone and reinforce the fact that getting ready to leave does not mean abandonment. Dogs that bark when left alone may be experiencing separation anxiety, but there are usually other symptoms which accompany that problem, like destructive behavior, bathroom problems, and following you around when you're home. While walking your dog is, of course, an important part of getting her exercise (even if you have a fenced-in yard), it may not be enough. If she stands at the window and barks, try putting up curtains or blinds so she can't see passing people or animals. No matter what kind of expert you choose, you should always check the person's qualifications and look for recommendations or reviews online. Some people oppose bark collars because of the perception that these bark deterrents are punishment devices.

Remember that it can take some time for your dog to learn new behaviors, so be patient and be consistent! Once you've determined why she's barking, you'll know what actions to take to get her to stop. Make sure your dog always has plenty of cool, clean water to drink any time she needs it, two to three nutritious meals each day, and access to the inside of your home. Learning how to silence your barking dog can help ensure a quiet community and keep you out of trouble with the law.
Removing rewards for barking and training your dog to stop barking at your command will cut down on problem barking and enrich your relationship with your furry friend.
I don't use a clicker, but just when we are spending time together, I will say "Mama" with a questioning voice, and when the dog tries to say it, I just act all happy and praise him. Remember, if you do not always have treats somewhere (hot dogs, cheese, chicken pieces, etc.), you are not near as interesting as you could be and you won't get near the results. Oso is so adorable, loving, and sweet but late nights he goes out to pee and then barks at the top of his lungs.
Also if he is alone in a room, my husband in bed and me in our office room, he will go sleep in the living room then wake to bark loudly, scaring me. Our neighbors got a new fence, they switched from chain link to a wooden privacy fence, and all of a sudden Skittles stopped barking! For some reason, the sound of motorcycles drives them bonkers, and they both race to the nearest window to bark.
During the summer, when the air conditioners are humming and the sounds from outside are muffled, they bark a lot less. Being on the leash may signal to him that it's time for business and not time for investigating the yard and barking his head off.
Being on the leash will hopefully make him move quickly, and not have time to find things to bark at. The noise may just be enough to block out any strange noises from outside that would cause him to wake up and start barking.
He has to stay in a kennel in the house temporarily due to a respiratory infection and he barks all the time to get out. When she barked we would put our finger to our mouth and say shh no bark then give her a small piece of treat. She must not be barking when she get the treat and the treat should be given within a couple of seconds otherwise she won't make the connection so always have small treats in your pocket (hand is better and faster) ready to give her. If she is a young pup you could try using her puppy kibble but it won't work on an older dog they are too smart. My son has a new girl friend staying there and she sprays water in his face and yells "stop barking".

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