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Researchers have found that pet Prozac can make dogs who suffer with separation anxiety (illustrated with a stock image) more optimistic.
If Fido is gnawing on things not safe for consumption only when you’re gone, he might be showing symptoms of separation anxiety.
There are many different natural calming supplements for dogs available at any pet supply store.
It was clear she supported what I had already learned, the key is to discern if your pal is suffering from a lack of training or boredom, or whether it’s truly a panic induced by an absence of people.
Dogs with severe separation anxiety truly disregard everything including damaging their bodies in an attempt to get out of their confinement. THIS WAS APRESENT FROM A FRIEND HE SAID THAT HE WILL GROW UP TO LOOK JUST LIKE A LABRADOR PHYSIC, I DONT KNOW.
Before I adopted my perfect angel, Jovie, from the shelter, I expected that all it would take to make her happy was to feed, exercise, and love her to pieces.

But often anxiety-sufferers will trace the same path, back and forth or in a circle, over and over, until you come home.
If you suspect that Princess has some mild separation anxiety, you’ll want to counter-condition the way she perceives your absence. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal info in accordance with our privacy policy as well as to receiving e-mails from us. This disorder runs a vast spectrum from mild with undesirable behaviors such as barking or having “accidents” in the house to the severe end manifesting in desperate acts to escape that result in harm to the dog (and house!) itself. Crating is a great special place for some dogs but if your dog doesn’t like it, do not force it upon them. Be wise and recognize when you may need to seek help from a professional dog trainer or your veterinarian.  Make sure you have realistic expectations and make plans to help your dog cope as they learn to be calm. Socialization and learning to spend time alone from a young age are paramount to avoiding this behavior in the long run.

This kind of anxiety can result in self-injury, so be sure to monitor Fido’s behavior for signs of trouble. But you can easily find them for dogs (and cats!) at your local vet’s office or pet-supply store or online. Imagine if you were passed from one guardian to another for years and then ended up in a loud, concrete kennel for weeks. Plus as Amber pointed out, it can help as white noise to blur out other scary outside noises such as other dogs barking or the trash truck that might set them off.
While your dogs breed or past traumatic history (shelter or rescue dog) may have some influence, it can also me induced by a change in schedule or family structure.

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