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For Janice, Holly, and my mom, I think the Pink Pepper Spray and the Pink Personal Alarm are just what they need. When purchasing pepper spray for someone, I’d also highly recommend the¬†Practice Spray! The Wireless Home Protection System is priced at just under $120 but can often be found on sale for much less. It is formulated with natural ingredients that will deter most dogs without causing long-term pain or injury. Take my little sister Janice – you might remember that a few weeks ago, she wrote a blog post for me about 8 Things Your Bank Teller Wants You to Know.

I worked for many years at a boarding kennel for dogs and while most were the sweetest creatures, there are always a few nasty dogs out there. I go into more detail about the Pepper Spray there.) Both of these items can be attached to a key chain, so they are with you wherever you go.
The Runner Defense Spray is also formulated with UV dye, to make it easier for law enforcement to identify the attacker. The last time I reviewed for Sabre, they sent me a few of their home security products that have made our home a safer place, at an affordable price. We decided not to install the motion sensor for now because we have a cat that likes to jump all over the place and we were fearful that she might set it off.

The key ring makes it easy for you to slip it around the handle of a leash if you’re walking your own pup.

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