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What I love most about Dean & Tyler leashes is that they are so supple the day they arrive. I tried very hard to find a nice collar in this country to fit without having loads of studs on it. Gorgeous full-grain leather on exterior, Nappa leather along interior, hand stitched reinforced with brass rivets, solid brass buckle and D-ring.
The pictures on the website don't show enough to know how big the actual clasp is and there aren't dimensions for it in the description. Replicating the African Nile crocodile, these faux croc collars are made from 100% Italian full grain leather and are available in six vibrant colors. Your dog is your friend and protector, so it only makes sense to get them accessories which express that. Our awesome studded dog collars range in suitability for teacup size to the giant dog breeds. Most of the Dean and Tyler collars are leather collars, many are spiked, studded or plated. Paco Leather Dog Collars: "a company dedicated to enhancing you and your dog’s natural style with quality leather products. Puchi is THE online pet boutique bringing fashion and style to the wonderful world of dogs. Diamond Dog products utilise top grade leather which is firm to the touch when new, with inherent properties that allow it to become soft, supple and tactile within a very short period of time, yet retaining strength and durability over the years.

Collars and leashes, harnesses, dog clothing and accessories for small dogs and pampered little puppies. Our product line of dog training equipment , dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable.
Made from 100% Italian full grain leather and available in six vibrant colors: Ox Blood Dark Red, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Navy Blue with Silver Imprints.
Backed in yellow Italian leather as well, each collar features a 22 karat gold plated buckle. In this category you'll find uptown personalized designer dog collars as well as affordable custom leather dog collars.
Each piece is handcrafted with its future owner in mind, making every collar, belt or bracelet as unique as the one who wears it. Using exquisite natural Italian 100% full-grain vegetable dyed eco-friendly leather combined with elegant Italian hardware.
Add to this craftsmanship the sparkle and fire of the finest CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements. She has a skin condition and the rope is the only material that doesn’t break her out. In black and brown, in pink, blue, purple, green, with bling ornaments, or Swarovsky stones, etc. This is because in our website's dictionary, "plain" just means that the collar has no studs, no spikes nor any other metal or riveted ornaments.

We have extra large and extra wide collars for the really big dogs, and extra small spiked collars for the small and tiny ones.
From classic brown and black leather, to hot pink collars, red leather collars, and many other colors and designs.
Dog Collars Boutique carries an extensive line of Susan Lanci Designs Ultrasuede and other collars. I can also toss the collar into the washing machine, as the hardware is marine-grade metal that doesn’t rust.
Natural gemstones and Austrian crystals are placed in the trademark settings which are plated with 22kt.
The bling collection features Swarovsky Crystallized elements (choose your rhinestone color!), other collections have leather flowers, cut outs, leather butterflies, and awesome studs. Besides product information we offer a price comparison between 4 major D&T retailers in the US and in the UK. Perhaps, your small dog likes bling, the Giltmore BIG crystal collar is packed with two rows of large Swarovski crystals, guaranteed to wow! Other selections include Tinki's Big Bow, double and triple row Giltmore, plain with embellishment and quick release collars.

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