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From time to time when people are considering getting a white boxer they are concerned that the dog might be, or might become, deaf. We have had a few very nice letters from people who have discovered just how deep their love and devotion to their pets became once they learned they were deaf.
If you discover, too late, that your pet is deaf and it is too much for you, at least have the kindness to find it a new home or shelter where it will be loved and treated well. If, however, you discover your dog is deaf and you feel up to the challenge, you may just discover a new window opening in your life that you never dreamed possible. It doesn't take a super-hero to live with a handicapped pet, especially if the handicap is only its hearing. Our Boxer dog Murphy has always been one for the ladies so when the chance of a boxer bitch from Boxer Rescue Southern in the United Kingdom came up we jumped at the chance. To look at Maddy seems like any other boxer, until we actually tell people hardly anybody knows she is deaf. You begin to realize the simple things you do with a hearing dog can become dangerous for a deaf dog.
Maddy is a very sociable dog and loves running, chasing, jumping and pinching other dogs sticks, toys etc.

A flashlight or the vibration of your footsteps is enough to get your deaf dog's attention without startling them.
If you are thinking of getting a dog or maybe adding another dog to your family and have been offered a deaf dog please don't pass them over just because they are deaf, all dogs should be given the same chance in life deaf or otherwise.
We just found out this weekend that our 15 week old puppy, a white boxer named Lance, is deaf. Sophie has been taught a number of hand signals- give her the thumbs up and she knows she has been a good girl and wags her stump.
For anyone who might hesitate in taking on the responsibility of a deaf dog, we've found him to be easier to train than the hearing dogs. Duke became a part of our life through a miracle and we were told that he was a bad puppy with potty training and his behavior. Having lived with Boxers all my life I can't say she is any worse for not being able to hear- most of our boxers have had selective deafness they can hear a chocolate bar open through three doors but cant hear you when you stood next to them and wanted them to move.
Potty training Duke was challenging, as it is for most puppies, and we got through it with lots of love, patience, and consistent training.
Although we think fawn and brindle boxers are lovely, I think we'll always have room in our home for a white boxer - hearing or deaf.

He's a lovely addition to our doggy family, and our big girls just love their little brother.
If a deaf dog seemed to hear when it was small, it may have only been responding to your vibrations or smells.
Duke has had one accident in the house no big deal and has learned several hand commands quickly and he in return has given us a completion in our new family. When I first saw Duke at the Humane Society I spent a lot of time getting to know him, and he learned how to sit, using hand commands and rewards very quickly. Ty and the other dogs have already made fast friendships, and they love to romp and play together.

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