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If you think you would like to rescue a Dachshund, grab a box of Kleenex and read through the Doxie rescue archives. The three-foot Christmas tree is decorated with 18 handmade one-of-a-kind Dachshund ornaments complete with handmade tree topper.
Hi everyone, my name is Barkley, and I am a 10-year-old Standard Dachshund available for adoption at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.
On Friday, September 17, the New Hampshire SPCA Field Services Division assisted Police in seizing Twenty-Nine Purebred Dachshunds and one Pomeranian from a home in Deerfield, NH.
The New Hampshire SPCA is asking the community for their support in caring for these and other rescued animals. Donations are processed through PayPal, a safe and secure payment center, and help cover the costs associated with the Dachshund's entrusted to our care.
Read the stories of dachshunds that have been healed and given Hope through the love, therapy and training provided by the founders of Husker's Hope Dachsund Rescue.
Because so many dachshunds were turned away, desperate for someone to save them, Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue was created. Toddlers - Many Dachshunds are not good with toddlers because children move too fast for them and they tend to get nippy with toddlers and young children. Protective Pets - Dachshund’s are very protective of their people and are prone to barking a lot. Personality Plus - Finally, Dachshunds are one of the most loving, comical, feisty dog breeds.

Biesboer adds that when her group rescues dogs, they make sure that they have the funding to get each and every rescue healthy and on track prior to adoption. MWDR rescued over 220 dogs this past year with their littlest save arriving right before the end of the year – a six week old puppy mill puppy survivor. Kathy MordiniChicago Pets ExaminerKathy Mordini is an animal lover who has counted rescue pets as a member of her family since she was a child. Go behind the scenes of a puppy photo shoot for the 2009 Central Texas Dachshund Rescue calendar. When you click through to Amazon from the Dachshund News, we make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Several were rescued through other organizations, and fostered with the founding members of Husker's Hope.
It is our mission to continue the wonderful work that comes from patience, love and daily work with special needs dachshunds. If you’d like to learn more about how this organization works with puppy mill rescues, read this article. As a writer and public relations specialist, she is passionate about advocating for homeless pets and the rescues that give these pets a second chance.
These four rescue doxies were the puppies of a pregnant Dachshund taken in by CTDR just a few days befoe she gave birth.
According to an organization that rescues these cute bundles of fur, it’s best to do you homework and really learn about Dachshund’s before you add this breed or any dog to your home.

If you already have a larger dog or socialize frequently with larger dogs, it’s best to have a Dachshund tested with larger dogs before finalizing an adoption.
Another one-third of the dogs are pulled from animal shelters and the rest are rescues from puppy mills. Kathy also loves to connect with the many pet businesses in Chicago that support animal rescue. Caring for pregnant mothers and newborns is very time intensive for Central Texas Dachshund Rescue volunteers. The Midwest Dachshund Rescue does their due diligence prior to adoption and also will do home checks before releasing a dog to a new family.
Pregnant rescues need even more love and nurturing to make them feel safe and secure, many for the first time in their lives. If you have some extra items then we can use them or get them to other dog rescuers in this area who can use help too.

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