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I actually ordered three of these hand-sewn ornaments as a Christmas gift for friends with Pugs, so I can attest to their adorableness.
Dogster writer Liz Acosta discovered these breed-specific magnets last month, and they are the perfect stocking stuffer for dog lovers in your life.
This rugged rope toy works as a tug and a throw, and Sasha -- the animal companion (shown above) to shop owner and sailor Karen Conabeare -- will vouch for its fun factor. I have favorited more than a few of artist Brian Rubenacker’s creations on Etsy, and this print will be my first purchase if someone doesn’t put it under the tree for me (hint, hint).
The owner of two Boston Terriers himself, Rubenacker puts them in a variety of whimsical settings. Speaking of biscuits, this Etsy shop will custom etch a dog’s name onto this adorable glass jar for holding them at no additional charge. While the recipient of this gift may not appreciate it during its application, he or she will love that the ingredients -- citronella, lemon, and rosemary -- repel biting bugs.
These 10 items are just a tiny fraction of the many quirky and cool gifts for dog lovers available through Etsy. I'm still not sure whether Target's Neiman Marcus collection was an applause-worthy success or a bit of a bust. On the upside, the brand's web store didn't crash under the onslaught of eager shoppers the eve of Dec. When the collection hit the web last Friday night, I was sitting in bed, credit card in hand, prepared to do battle with failing servers and scores of online shoppers to get the pet goods just so I could do this little giveaway for you.
The porcelain pet bowl ($30) is pretty good quality for a Target item -- heavy enough that your pup won't knock it over, and nicely embossed with floral lace and a medallion at the bottom.
To enter, leave a comment below using your Disqus account telling us which item you'd like to win and why. Creating a Disqus profile and avatar just takes a minute and is a great way to participate in Dogster's community of passionate pet people. We'll pick our winner on Sunday, December 16, at noon PST and contact them via e-mail. You'll have two days to respond or we'll pick another random winner. Creating a Disqus profile and avatar just takes a minute and is a great way to participate in Dogster's community of people who are passionate about dogs. Finding the right holiday present for the man in your life can be quite a challenge for some.
Suzie Treachler of the Sketch Shoppe can draw an incredibly lifelike sketch of your favorite furry friend, multiple dogs and pets, or your family with your dog. This tracking device from Tagg will help you find him. It's a dog-specific GPS device that attaches to most collars and lets you locate and track your dog using a computer or smartphone. This dog carrier has wheels and a telescopic handle, so it works as a backpack and can also attach to your car seat.

Depending on who comes over -- and what other pets might be present -- you might have the need to separate your dog from guests or other animals. These gates are great to block your dog from getting into rooms and areas where they might get under your guests’ feet (or up in a cat's face). They’re made of metal, they secure to door frames with adjustable pressure mounts, and they open with the press of your foot.
This all-purpose folding crate is sturdy and secure. Its frame is metal, while its cover is nylon.
The saddlebags are removable and include a section for water bottles for you and your furry mate.
We had a bit of an impromptu tattooing party here at the office the second I whipped them out, with the awesome gals from our parent company's marketing and social media teams wanting in on the action. Learn more about our newest dog clothes and accessories to make sure your dog is the trendiest on the block.
Unfortunately, we don’t make ideal walking partners for high energy dogs, since we only have two legs.
Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not pull on the leash while being walked because they want to be pack leader, top dog, alpha, or dominant over their human. Walking calmly next to a person while out and about on a walk, requires a great amount of impulse control. FACT:  Modern behavioral science has proven that forceful handling such as physical punishment, using choke chains, shock collars, and leash yanking is psychologically damaging for the dog.
If you are still keen to continue with this experiment, put a choke chain or pinch collar around your neck, attach it to a leash, and ask a friend to pull and jerk on it periodically. You’ll have more success during training sessions if your canine companion is relaxed and not full of hyper energy. When we yank, hit, yell, or jerk on the leash of a dog that is *reacting*, we are adding fuel to the fire.
Our job as their guardian is to do the opposite: We want to teach the dog to focus on something else, and to change they way they FEEL about the perceived threat.
Simply shopping at the online marketplace for things handmade and vintage conveys that care went into gift selection, as opposed to afterthought during a trip to the neighborhood drugstore for wrapping paper and other holiday supplies. In fact, I found 10 fun and inexpensive gifts for dogs and their humans during a recent window-shopping trip to Etsy.
The shop represents breeds from A to Z, with each magnet featuring a modern-art drawing of the breed and a witty tagline. I was amazed at how easy checkout was, and I was really impressed when the items arrived like clockwork on Tuesday. The pink collar and leash set ($40) are made of a beautiful supple leather, and the lace details on the collar are rather intricate.

If college football or basketball is your man's thing -- or if he likes to honor your alma mater -- 30 college logos are available for order, including Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.
I had Suzie sketch a picture of my Schnauzers, Buzz and Woody, shortly after they had made their transition. It’s ideal for small to midsize dogs when traveling to a friend or relative’s house, cruising around town doing your holiday shopping, or strolling through the neighborhood to see all of the beautiful decor your neighbors have set up for the holidays. Now, take a deep breath, squeeze and pull back with all your force keeping your thumbs connected. Ending it on a good note will help you both; your dog will want to do another session with you if she’s having fun, and you will too! We are making the situation worse, AND in the process, we are teaching the dog that they should be afraid of whatever it is they are barking, growling, or lunging at. One of them would just sit down and not budge, and they had to be walked several times a day in Brooklyn. And there wasn't a surplus of angry blog posts documenting the unpleasant in-store shopping experience, as seen in the aftermath of the chain's Jason Wu sale. They have a great selection, with prices ranging from $85 to $188 and our winner will get to pick their favorite design and size.
Place the thumbs at the base of the throat and with the fingers pointing back and surrounding the neck. The thing that seemed to help us, and still works, is that I talked to them constantly, using simple words and tone of voice to let them know where we were going, what we needed to do next. The Etsy shop also puts its graphics on a variety of other items, including clothing, jewelry, cards (shown at the top), and bags. I picked up the bowl, and the collar set in medium (it will fit a dog neck from 6 to 12 inches in circumferance) for my giveaway. She can walk ahead, but she has learned that it’s no longer reinforcing to pull on her leash.
You want to set your dog up for success in an environment where you are way more exciting than anything else that’s happening.

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