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Dog crates keep your animal safe, whether your pet is alone in the house or travelling with you and your family. You can find the right crate for your breed of dog from a full range of large and small crates in a range of materials.
While many dogs are comfortable when they are in crates, there are still a few pet supplies that help your pet from becoming bored. As you can see, there are pros and cons to each type of crate.  Depending on the size of your pet and your lifestyle, make sure you get the crate that works best for you and your dog. If you enjoyed this entry, don’t forget to subscribe to our dog training blog.  You will be automatically notified as soon a new entry is made.
When new puppies are not being supervised, use a dog crate to protect the animal, as well as preventing damage caused by a bored and curious hound.

A wire crate in a contained area, such as a car, offers plenty of air circulation in warmer weather, while keeping the dog safe. A variety of dog crates are available, and you should choose the style and material according to where you plan to use the crate. Use a small dog crate when you bring your puppy home in order to allow it to become familiar with its new surroundings and to housetrain it. A treat or rawhide chew is especially helpful for younger dogs, and you must always ensure that there is plenty of fresh cool water available.
While driving, a car dog crate keeps your pooch from jumping out of a window or getting underfoot.
Finally, because dogs are den animals, they like a quiet dark place to sleep, so put your crate in a quiet location and add a cover, if necessary.

If you are visiting the vet, a dog crate helps to keep your pet protected and separate from other animals.
For those that travel regularly with their dogs in the car, there are sloping crates designed for a hatchback or four-wheel drive.

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