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With our unique pet tags, dogs and cats will not be considered as strays, and the search process is almost always substantially simplified.
I am getting 2 more dogs and will continue using your services – thanks for great customer support.
We are committed to making pet ID tags affordable and accessible to every pet owner across the globe. It is alarming to know that only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats are identified and returned back to their owners.
Our pet tags are priced at just $4.95 and delivered to you with complimentary free shipping.
On the contrary, more than 90 percent of pets with tags make it back safely to their loved ones.

It is unfortunate that about 90 percent of the pets without valid pet identification tags fail to make it back home.
All of our pet tags are custom imprinted to the highest standards and crafted to perfection. Place an order today, and your tags will be shipped as early as tomorrow by our first class mail service. Our discount pet ID tags are geared towards increasing the rescue rate from animal shelters.
Our pet identification tags serve a valuable purpose, and we are committed to making them accessible with the lowest prices possible. Our professional engravers are highly skilled in creating quality pet identification tags to your exact specifications.

Receive your new identification tags within three to five days, and enjoy the sanity that comes from knowing that your pet is more identifiable and secure than ever before.
With our high-quality pet tags, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your pet is always identifiable and you are just a phone call away.

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