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Click on this thumbnail picture above to see a very large format picture that you can download and print for school work if you like. A domestic cat has eyes that are much bigger than ours when compared to the size of its head. When a mother cat feeds its kitten, the milk has eight times the amount of protein than the milk of a human mother – cat development.
I agree this is a brilliant way to get kids interested in cat facts (and other animals) Anything that teaches kids to respect animals gets a 5 star rating from me, so thanks very much and please let’s have more. We think the liger looks a bit scary and its safer loving littler cats until you grow up and you know how to look after big ones.

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I liked it a lot!It taught me a lot about cats and most of the book were things that I never knew before.
Good Introduction For ChildrenThis book about cats is intended for children because it serves as an introduction to cats.
The Daily Cat - Cat Facts for Kids - Cat Book for Children in a Newspaper-Style (Newspaper Facts for Kids 4) - Kindle edition by IP Factly, IC Beasties.
Micheal it’s such a great way to teach them about cats and the posters making it fun are a touch of genius.

Now I have a lot more knowledge on cats:-) I recommend this book if you want to get a cat or if you want to know more about them. What we can see in the middle of the day, a cat can see with the the same clarity in the dusky dawn and evening light.

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