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Take the hassle out of In-Cabin Pet Travel and you and your pet can FLY through Security Check Points in a Single Bound with our NEW TSA Fast Pass Leash, Harness and ID Tags. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I love this product, however even though I took measurements on my cats, I found the vests a bit small. A very frustrated calico cat has learned that she can't shuck out of this harness, and we look forward to her being able to travel safely in her new gear. I ordered the TSA harness for my furry buddy (Ebeye) as I'm coming home from the Marshall Islands with him in June. We will be traveling across the country by car with our cat who doesn't like the confines of the car at all even though we give him free roaming. We are traveling by air across the country with my son's cat and purchased this harness to get through the security line. Take the hassle out of In-Cabin Pet Travel and you and your pet can FLY through Security Check Points in a Single Bound with our NEW TSA Fast Pass Leash, Harness and ID Tags.
Finding dependable, trustworthy pet transportation in Portland OR can cause you concern and worry. First of all, we transport pets in crates because it is the safest method for everyone involved. Rest assured, your beloved pets will arrive at their destination happy and healthy with our transportation services. TSA Fast Pass® - the first Leash & Harness Set developed for pets traveling in cabin on airplanes.
Watch PetsOnAirplanes videos with tips and instructions on how to prepare your pet for safe hassle free in cabin travel.

We got a chance to use the TSA Fast Pass on our recent trip to Arizona and it is simply ingenious! If item has been used it can only be returned for exchange in size or replacement if the item is damaged or defective. The inspection process consist of removing your pet dog or cat from their soft carrier bag and walking them through the metal detectors, while the carrier goes through the x-ray machine. Demonstrating the benefits of TSA Fast Pass® Leash & Harness guaranteed not to set off metal detectors in airport making pet airline travel faster, safer and hassle free.
I bought several different types of harnesses so that we could tether him in the car so he couldn't dart out when the door was opened. Our Fast Pass Harness features a Step-in Vest design making it the easiest harness to put on and take off your dog or cat. You want to know that your dear pet is going to be handled with care and caution as he moves from home to the airport, from the airport to home or from a breeder to his new home.
If your pet is not accustomed to traveling in a crate, spend some time acclimating him or her to being in the crate. You provide us with a working understanding of your pet’s personality, needs, and medical history, and we will deliver the safest, most attentive pet transporation in Portland OR. It features a step in design making it the easiest harness to put on and take off your cat or dog.
See what the TSA Fast Pass can do for you to make pet airplane travel easy safe and fun again. My cat is very scared and I like to go through the screening as quick as possible and get Buddy back into his soft carrier.
Current laws and TSA official require your pet to be on a leash and harness which often sets off the metal detectors causing traveling pet owners to be subjected to an even more invasive screening process.

I particularly like that it is not restrictive around the throat area (important for cats) and that is has double securing features on the back (velcro as well as a clip).
Upon trying all the different ones on him this one by far was the best and most comfortable. I love the fit of the harness and the combination of Velcro and the buckle attachment makes it very secure.
You should also provide us with your pet’s health certificates that document his or her current immunization status.
Just remove your pet from the carrier, send the carrier through the X-ray machine while you carry your cat or lead your dog in his harness & leash through the metal detectors. He managed to slip out one time but it was because I didn't have the Velcro attached tight enough.
Another important guideline is that dogs must be leash trained, so they can be removed from the vehicle safely and walked from the car to the building without incident.
No more invasive pat downs, hand wands or private screening rooms trying to determine what exactly triggered the alarms.
It gives me a lot more confidence that my buddy will make it home without the chance of him getting loose when outside of his carrier.

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