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When you are buying a Cocker Spaniel puppy, it is important to look at all the aspects involved in the process. It’s rare to find Cocker Spaniel puppies at animal shelters or in rescue programs, but you can indeed find them from time to time. If you want a purebred, papered Cocker Spaniel puppy, you’re going to have to buy your pup from a breeder.
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When you purchase a puppy from an established, ethical breeder, you are investing in the future of a breed you love, just as we are. Good breeders will have an established registered affix as our stamp of identity, which every puppy bred will carry at the front of their name, such as Covington. You will not find our puppies in pet shops, and we won't be advertising in any classifieds or on mass marketing web sites. You will not find our puppies in pet shops, we won't be advertising in any classifieds or on mass marketing websites.
I am getting a new puppy!  We are so excited, as a family, that we can hardly stand waiting until the blessed day gets here! I have been looking for dogs to fit with my lifestyle and training needs for years, and I have found a few breeds that I prefer living with and training.  Because I prefer a rarer breed, it becomes a difficult prospect for me to find a puppy, but I am not afraid to travel.
Puppy mills exist and they even breed and sell rare dogs, no breed or mixed breed is safe from puppy mills! To help you narrow your search and find the right pup I have compiled a list to assist you. The temperament of the adult dogs is imperative to the temperament of the puppies.  Puppies most often inherit their temperaments from their parents.
Adding a dog to your family is a 10-15 or more year commitment, don’t make a mistake and get an unhealthy dog or one with a questionable temperament.  If you are anything like me, once you spend time with a pup, you are bonded so it is important to bond with the right dog! I remember when we first went on buying our first ever puppy, it was a cute dalmatian and we have 4 of them to choose from.

Consider adopting a dog from a breed rescue group, rather than buying a dog from a breeder, until there is no more pet overpopulation for that breed.
As an alternative to finding the right breeder yourself, you may hire a puppy finder company, who will guarantee that the breeder is ethical and the puppy you get is healthy. An ideal time to pick up your puppy is eight to nine weeks.Though extra work for the breeder, this provides the puppy with much needed socialization from litter mates. Spending a little extra on a puppy in the beginning can often save thousands in medical expenses and is often a sound investment.
Choosing your perfect purebred puppy and companion does require a great deal of time, effort and energy, but when done properly will be something you won't regret at all in the future. As an alternative to buying a purebred puppy, consider adopting an older purebred dog from a rescue organization. If the breeder insists on meeting you somewhere to deliver the puppy, beware - the likely reason for this is that they do not want you to see their breeding facility.
We will offer some buying a Cocker Spaniel puppy advice that should help you choose the best dog for your family to call their own.
Find breeders for your Cocker Spaniel puppy on either The American Spaniel Club or find other listings at The Open Directory Project. Some puppies are not emotionally ready to leave their mother yet and can cause a lot of hard times adjusting the puppy to your family.
Good breeders are heavily vested in the puppies we produce because we keep many of them for future show dogs & continued improvement in the breed, the focus is not to breed to sell puppies. We will guide you on how you can purchase a puppy from the right type of breeder, if we have puppies available & our process for placing them. You will find us listed on the National & Regional Cavalier club website breeder or puppy referral lists. We won't be associated with any marketing schemes claiming to be selling puppies for select groups or elitist breeders. A puppy's temperament is fully formed at six weeks and is determined solely by genetics and the environment provided by the breeder and the brood bitch. A good breeder will likely have requirements for you to have one of their puppies and will have a written sales agreement that clearly spells out the obligations for everyone involved.

This is especially useful if you are buying a breed that is not available in your home country.
While this is no health guarantee in any way, it does prove that the breeder is doing his best to help you take home the best and healthiest puppy that you can.
Great care should be taken to make sure the puppy is healthy and is actually old enough to leave it's mother. A lot of these dogs come from puppy mills, which is basically living hell for dogs, besides the possibility of inbreeding. If you buy from these companies, I will receive a commission, which will help me pay for the cost of running this site. It amazes me that people will spend months deciding what car to buy will will get a dog without any consideration.
Avoid buying a puppy at your local pet store as they are often bred by puppy mills for quick profit, rather than sound health. Reputable breeders will also provide a guarantee that you can return the puppy if your veterinarian discovers a serious health condition within the first few days of your ownership. A puppy finder company will probably also advise you on what breed best suits your lifestyle, which can be very useful if you are uncertain. Take time to consider whether you will feed your puppy dry kibble, canned pet food, or a raw diet. Puppies will be current on vaccinations and worming, have a written wellness exam & micro chipped. Don't be surprised if a breeder will not allow you to handle puppies or if they require you to wear protective clothing.
A good breeder will protect his dogs and puppies from visitors to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases on his property. If you are allowed to visit and there are no precautions taken to protect the puppies,the quality of the breeder should be suspect.

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