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A barking dog is one of the most effective deterrents for keeping burglars away from your home. The dog alarm worked well but it kept going off when we were walking around in the house so I had to return it.I am sorry to hear that the item was unsuitable, but I see we were happy to receive a return and issue a refund for you. THIS ALARM WAS NOT AVAILAABLE WHEN I ORDERED IT BUT, TRUE TO THEIR WORD, IT WAS FORWARDED 2 MONTHS LATER WHEN IT DID BECOME AVAILAB.E.

This barking dog alarm, gives you the same level of security without the commitment or responsibility of owning a dog. Once triggered it gives out the sound of a vicious barking German shepherd dog protecting your home 24 hours a day. If desired it can be set to sound an alarm sound instead to let you know when anyone is approaching your door.

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