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A customizable and expandable unit (up to four dogs can be trained on the system), the Dogtra EDGE is easy to operate.
Collar Clinic is the place to go for e-collar repairs on a wide variety of product lines, including Tri-Tronics, Dogtra and D.T. Though it looks like a toy, the Proball Go-Frrr is really a serious tool for teaching all dogs to be better retrievers and improve every canine’s physical condition and stamina.
Training gear such as retrieving dummies and launchers have likewise become more effective as ways to replicate more accurately the process of fetching gamebirds and getting some good exercise while doing so. It’s expandable to three dogs, and both the transmitter and collar are waterproof and powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with 60 hours of running time.

Because of the hard head and feet, dogs are encouraged to grasp any DFT by its softer foam body. The transmitter has a bright, easy-to-view LCD display indicating power levels and operating mode and a simple-to-operate push button for delivering stimulation, tone and vibration and side buttons for power level adjustments. All DFTs will absorb commercially manufactured wild bird scent for another training advantage.
For most gun dogs, the GO-Frrr is irresistible because when launched this ball will travel through the air 75 feet high and up to 150 feet in distance.
The fabric and granulated cork work well to float any Real Duck high in the water for greater visibility and to absorb commercially-manufactured game bird scent.

There are 16 levels of stimulation for “nick” and “continuous” with each controlled by an adjustable “jump” for instant power increase. In addition to using the GO-Frrr on land, this training tool can also be launched into a lake or pond to simulate water retrieves.

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