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While Sam is among the lucky ones, many other dogs are not so fortunate, so let’s all do our part to help prevent animal cruelty. Pit bull owners are well aware of how serious dog fights can be, given the fact that pit bulls are known to be among the most loyal of dogs, who are quick to react on protecting their masters should they sense even the slightest form of aggression being directed towards them. Considered to be an inevitable situation which every pit bull owner must prepare himself or herself for, below are some quick tips geared to help pit bull owners properly avoid fights with other dogs, which could lead to serious injuries.

Understanding a Dog’s Tolerance Levels – Though pit bulls are known for being vicious attackers, their attack tendencies can be better controlled with a firm understanding of a dog’s tolerance levels for other dogs and in dealing with situations. Generally, the tolerance levels of dogs are typically categorized as social, selective and aggressive.
Social dogs tend to be quite tame, while selective dogs are known to be cautious when interacting with other dogs.

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