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These soft and supple rolled leather collars are most suitable for dogs with thick coats and long hair. A rolled and hand stitched leather collar is fitted with a hardware including a slip or a buckle made with solid brass or other metal. Dog bandanas are made from triangle shaped fabric and used to adorn the dogs, generally for adoption events.
Select the leather that suits every day wear and will last longer, especially, if your dog spends more time in the water. The buckle should be thick and strong with the rounded edges and have a corrosion resistant nickel or other coating. If one understands about the construction and use of a rolled leather dog collar and keeps these important points in mind, one will be able to select the best collar for the dog. We have selected a number of products we like and which your bulldog will hopefully like as well.

This will save you a lot of time and hassle searching for the right product to suit your Bulldog .
They prevent the dog’s fur from getting frayed, matted or tangled around the collar area on the neck. A too loose collar can easily slip and come out of his head and there is a risk of it getting hung up on any object.
The making of the beautiful handcrafted collars involves more than 20 steps in production starting from selection of grain bridle leather.
Our product line of dog training equipment, dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. Quality rolled leather collars are provided with an extra piece of leather that is glued and stitched between the two edges for reinforcement. The pink color can represent femininity, gratitude, spring, admiration, appreciation, sympathy, love, health and joy.

These are fitted with die cast, polished and nickel-plated hardware, including buckle, D ring and rivets.
The pink dog collars come in light or rich, luxurious pink color and in fashion as well as personalized styles. Each collar is handmade from the finest bridle leather to look beautiful and provide comfort, durability and minimal stretch. Though they hold up dirt and grime, yet they can easily be cleaned and treated to give a brand new look again.

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