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Puppy training is a very challenging chore as they constantly need to relieve themselves in the course of training. As the name implies, these pads provide a simpler and perfect solution when it comes to puppy training. With their advanced anti-microbial properties, these pads perform exceptionally well in eliminating any urine odors. Well, the market currently offers some of the best pads that are designed to be ultra-absorbent, maintenance-free and fully disposable.

The pads feature 5-ply construction with heavy duty liner that makes them 100-percent leak-proof.
The pads feature a 1.5-inch plastic construction that prevents overflow while offering maximum protection to your floor. The pad measures 24 x 16 inches, which makes it large enough to accommodate dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. Apart from their highly absorbent nature, the pads also have the ability to dry very quickly.

Each pad measures 30 x 28 inches, which makes them 60-percent larger compared to other conventional pads.

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