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During the holiday season, there are all sorts of ways for our four legged friends to get in trouble, when we're not watching. Top 10 Best Dog Anxiety Products & MedicationThere are many reasons for dogs to feel anxious. The Monks of New Skete have been raising German Shepherds and training all breeds of dogs for decades. Top 10 Best Indestructible Dog ToysHere are ten great dog toys that can stand up to aggressive chewers. Team Dog was released in January and is the culmination of 15 years of experience working with dogs for author Mike Ritland. Positive reinforcement is a popular training method and Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement, is a book that utilizes this method to its fullest. There are a lot of untrained dog handlers out there and you need to be really careful of any dog trainer becoming responsible for a dog you love.
I really like the technique of using positive reinforcement to train your dog to do things.
Below is a list of our top picks of the best dog training and behavior books currently out there. A straightforward, practical guide to preparing for and raising a puppy into a happy, well-mannered dog.
Using examples from her work with dolphins and other marine mammals, Pryor explains the principles of positive reinforcement training and how they work on all animals, including humans. Full of instructive color photography, this book from celebrity dog trainer Stillwell is engaging, easy-to-follow, and solidly based in force-free methods. A brilliant and highly entertaining book about dogs’ uncanny ability to read our body language.
Rikke Jorgensen is a San Francisco-based writer whose work regularly appears in the dog culture magazine, The Bark, the San Francisco SPCA's magazine, Our Animals, and many other publications.

In order to be a good dog owner you need to train your dog to be a well mannered, socialized pup that knows how to listen and behave.
Dog training books are a dime a dozen, but you want to make sure you get a few that work, written by the professionals and are easy to follow. They have two best selling books that aid dog owners, old and new, in raising and training their dogs. In the case of Cooper, sending him to a dog trainer had negative effects on him and made him very socially anxious. Then, you might want to know the benefits it can provide to you and be knowledgeable in what to use for the right equipment in trainings. Dunbar—veterinarian, behaviorist, founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and star of the British TV show, Dogs With Dunbar—has been training dogs for thirty years.
First published in 1984, the book is a classic on the subject—and effectively launched clicker training in this country.
Known for her charisma and no-nonsense approach, Stillwell hosts Britain’s TV hit, It’s Me or the Dog, and has founded several dog training schools in the US.
Donaldson explains clearly and with much humor the injustice we do dogs when we anthropomorphize them. She's a recipient of the Dog Writers Association of America's Maxwell Medal for best Magazine Feature. Your dog doesn’t need to be as talented as a dog show winner, but he or she still needs to know when to sit or stay and how to act properly when other people are around. A few years ago a new edition of this book was made available, which added more photos and more information, from canine health and behavior to raising a dogs in urban environments.
It’s more than just an adventure in obedience training, but a must have book for anyone that wants the perfect dog for their home and family.
I enjoy dogs, i expect I’m able to use a dog that can instruct an ethical training as if you composed on the report.

I came across a program online that taught me how to train my dogs myself and not only was it a hell of a lot cheaper but if you met my dogs you would see how amazing the results have ever been.
Dog training collars are the best equipment to make your dogs work with your trainings, it is handy yet effective enough to make your dog respond right from their behaviors. However, now my time is going towards trying to put my new German shepherd, Ella, through a dog training service.
I just recently purchased a dog and I’ve been trying for weeks to teach him some tricks with no luck.
She follows up with dog training instructions, both for beginners and advanced practitioners. If you’ve even seen him on TV you know he has a way with dogs, even the most unruly of them. Dog Training for Dummies will start you right from the beginning with what you need before you bring your dog or puppy home and finishes off with fun tricks to train them after they’ve learned all the basics. Where The Culture Clash takes on our human-centric worldview, this book zooms in on communication. With this book you can learn how to train your dog the way he has trained many and come out with a well balanced dog that you don’t have to be embarrassed to take out in public. He can’t stand other male dogs (maybe something bad happened in past) and he behaves badly when he sees one.

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