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To estimate how many calories your dog needs to consume per day, you need to know his ideal body weight.
Of course, you need to understand your dog’s ideal bodyweight to know much he should be eating. For pit bulls, an average weight is about 45 pounds, although pit bulls have an unusually large weight range, since the term “pit bull” is used to describe three different breeds: the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American pit bull terrier.
Still, 45 pounds is about average, and at that poundage, a typical adult pitbull needs approximately 1,100 calories per day.
If your pit bull is super, super active (or if he’s a workin’ dog), he’ll of course need a lot more: up to 1,700 calories for very active dogs. For whatever reason, pit bulls are prone to skin and coat problems, and a lot of these problems come from allergies. An easy way to stop this before it starts is to simply avoid foods that most commonly trigger allergies in dogs.
Gastric torsion, or bloat, is when your dog’s stomach twists on itself and stops releasing gasses, which can cause extreme bloating and can be fatal. Pit bulls are at a higher risk for bloat because they eat so damn fast (and they really do tend to swallow without chewing). Secondly, space your dog’s meals out throughout the day, so that they’re eating smaller portions more frequently. Large, active breeds tend to have joint problems, and that’s as true for pit bulls as it is for any of them.
The rules of thumb here are to (1) be careful about overfeeding your dog and (2) buy dog foods that have higher protein content and plenty of produce—both of which are nutrient-dense and can help your pit maintain his weight.
This is one of the few foods out there (in our opinion) that really knocks it out of the park. In addition to being packed with protein, there’s plenty of good fruits and veggies, and great sources of omega fatty acids (mostly flax). We recommend Merrick’s stuff pretty often, and we’ve recommended this one more than once for some of the large breeds we’ve covered here. Most of carbohydrates come from sweet potatoes, although it also contains some white potatoes, which (as mentioned above) could be an allergen for some dogs. Like all the other dog foods we’re recommending for pit bulls, this is a high-protein recipe with no grains.

Farmina Natural and Delicious grain-free formula is the last on our list here, and it’s another great option for this breed (even if it has a few drawbacks). The only real reason we didn’t put this food higher on our list was that the third ingredient is potato, and pit bulls tend to have allergies. Although a lot of people associate a pitbull with aggression or dog fighting, this dog breed is often very affectionate, gentle, playful and energetic. A pitbull can have a sensitive stomach, so you need to ensure that you find the best food for it.
Call 1-800-474-7044  TELL them PET Nurse Marie sent you for one of the small sized bottles because you are currently out of work. The answer to that is going to be somewhat similar to asking what the best food is for a bodybuilder.
So, it’s important to understand that the numbers above are based on an average weight for pit bulls. A dog a little further along in life might need considerable less, say, about 875 calories.
Plus, most dog foods out there (and certainly the ones we’re recommending here) have plenty of fat. Two meals is usually fine, but you divide your dog’s food into three or four meals if that makes you more comfortable. However, one of the things that makes it worse is obesity, and that’s something totally within your control.
It is primarily genetics and offering quality dog foods and vitamins in order to keep your pet in optimum health. Try to give your dog at least a mid-line food instead of the cheap stuff that is full of fillers and scrap food. Because we ask several registered dog handlers and pit bull enthusiasts about it (in addition to doing some research and testing some foods), and we came up with what we think is a great list of food recommendations for your pit. It’s usually enough just to make sure your dog’s food has at least one good source of fat, like fish or flax. Shoot for higher protein content instead, and look for foods that include carbs from good, slow-burning sources, like lentils. So just make sure your furry friend takes a chill pill for at least an hour after dinner time.

So, if your pit is prone to allergies, make sure you ask your vet about a good, protein-rich, hypoallergenic diet. About 43% of this food comes from solid sources of protein: real duck, turkey meal, and salmon meal (we love seeing fish in our dog foods). There are still apples, blueberries and whole peas, but some of their formulas have a lot more.
You do not have to purchase the most expensive either although it is best if you can afford it.
Secondly, pit bulls are usually pretty active, and active dogs just tend to need more protein than non-active dogs. Research groups say that an active, adult pitbull that weighs between 30 and 70 lbs need between 922 and 1740 calories average daily caloric intake. Things such as how the dog grows, its behavior, health, overall well-being and look are related to the nutrition you provide.
At least 22% protein is recommended for growth (puppies) and 18% to maintain adult pitbulls. It is imperative to add the new dog food to the old one slowly as the dog’s system is used to the food. An essential energy source for dogs is fat and diets of puppies must have at least 8% of it and 5% of adult pitbull diets. But dairy products, beef and chicken can result in more food allergies for pitbulls than the first three irritants. The fat and protein dog foods must come from great sources to ensure the dog’s well being. Ideally, dog owners will chose a dog food which features 2 or 3 meat proteins in its listed ingredients.

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