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After so many years being involved in canine nutrition it almost seems inconceivable that this magnificent dog, the gladiator of the dog world while softer, sillier and more playful than many dogs, should be eating anything other than the diet they were born to eat. These are important questions because being partner to a dog like this takes deep responsibility, overcoming social stigma and having great heart, not to mention great leadership. While I’ve never been master to a pitbull myself I do have an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier who shares a similar lineage to your Pitbull. Ok let’s get down to business, the dog food your pitbull should eat is a fresh raw food diet.
Pitbulls are born athletes and their need for the right fuel to burn as efficiently as possible while at the same time providing all the right biological processors in all the right places, at the right time and in concert with each other is vital to maximize health and mental wellbeing. A simple diet of raw food provides the natural synergy at a deep cellular level to heal, maintain and provide balanced energy, all the while firewalled by a robust immune system crucial to keep invading pathogens out and killing any that slip by. If I compared commercial dog food and fresh raw dog food to cars, the commercial would be a 2002 Toyota Corolla (runs ok, needs comstant attention and only has a few years left before being scrapped) and raw is definitely a late model Chevrolet Camaro (runs like a dream, amazing power, looks awesome and has many years of prime time ahead). In a nutshell, kibble and canned pet food brands cannot give your dog what they need, in fact it’s impossible! Contrast this with your dog’s history as a predator and their natural biological diet. A naturally fed dog will be protected from infection through a strong and healthy immune system, and if your dog is already suffering from allergies for example, she will recover much quicker and without the need for toxic drugs. Here is one example of a Pittbull I worked with who suffered bad skin allergies from commercial pet food. It took about 29 days for this Pitbull to go from serious dog skin allergies to 90% plus healed after returning to his biologically appropriate diet and for his muscles to firm up from previously kibble created flabby soft subcutaneous fat filled muscles. Read more on the pros and cons of a raw food diet, it makes excellent reading and will really open your eyes to what you can achieve with your Pitbull. Get my free report below and I’ll help you to help your dog be the absolute best he can be.

About DanDan is an experienced dog nutrition and home remedy specialist, helping dog owners discover the effective, natural, simple, low cost and swift solutions to having a healthy, happy, obedient and low maintenance dog for life. I certainly can vouch for all that Dan has to say in terms of natural diets and resultant healthy dogs.
I live in South Africa and wish I had access to the meat selections you are so fortunate to be able to procure at almost no cost, from your butcher.
You sound as though you had the ideal boyhood and look the picture of health and vitality yourself!
Back on the farm in Australia as a young boy I watched my dad feed the sheep dogs and my dog with the raw waste from our own food animals – nothing wasted. And so I have been fascinated by this gregarious dog for many years – one of my favorite dogs. No commercial dog food can do this in any meaningful way and certainly not without side effects from the additives which short change the dogs immune system and shorten it’s life span. Arguing that one brand of commercial dog food is better than another is just like saying that one brand of fast food is better than another brand of fast food when they are all the same cheap low quality additive ridden junk food.
Your dog is now getting all the macro and micro nutrients it needs, right down to the cellular level biology your dog was designed to grow and function from consuming.
His behavior and temperament also changed for the better as he now became more relaxed and obedient without toxic chemicals surging through his body making him hyper and aggressive. Distemper’s tough to recover from and meds can make it that much worse as the dogs system has to cope with toxicity when diet and natural remedies work without the toxic damage.
I understand your dificulties in SA getting various food types and the cost, having spoken with other dog owners there via email. That was my grounding in how to keep dogs healthy and I do practice healthy diet and exercise myself, just feels good to do so. Everything is shown by video (including Rocco and other dogs), plus lots of extra information, recipes, the 4 supplements I use and so on.

The sheer mass of muscles and the work the dog has to perform be it general exercise or pitbull club meets cries out for quality nutrition. For the most part owners care about their pitts as loyal best friends and I’m here to help with feeding them the best diet possible. Spencer, you trusted in nature and the ability of your dogs immune system to heal itself- that’s how it works folks. If your dogs need the extra calories from soured milk and yoghurt, stay with it in moderation. Their ears will be squeaky clean, they won’t smell and their waste will be small hard pellets with little odor, compare that with the stinky dog poo you have to pick up right now. Honor him with a diet fit for his status, it’s the most vital thing you can do for your Pitbull. I was so afraid I would harm the dogs long term, even though the benefits were abundantly clear. We even have to pay for the bonemeal that is generated by the sawing up of the meat, and even stripped bones are sold by the bag! Carbohydrates are included in the ingredients of processed pet food because they are a less expensive source of energy than fat or protein. We have a great raw food supplier, and do the best we can by supplementing what we get from them, but it costs an arm and a leg.
I have been giving them cultured sour milk and full fat plain yoghurt up till now as part of their diet, but having read your views on dairy, I am going to stop that for now and see if I notice any difference. As far as I could tell, they have all tolerated this form of dairy without any problems and apparently relished it.

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