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Bark collars are a corrective tool used to tame a dog’s inappropriate or excessive barking. Many find dog bark collars useful as barking, an instinctive part of a dog’s nature, can often not be corrected by mere talking techniques. Purchasing and maintaining a bark collar comes at a much less of a cost then hiring a trainer, which charge between $100-$200 for a one-on-one session.
Bark collars are set in a manner which allows the sensors to differentiate between appropriate barking (whether it be as part of play or as a warning) and excessive, inappropriate barking and corrects accordingly, meaning both you and your dog know what is and is not acceptable. The Dogtra YS500 is a bark collar that’s strong enough for bigger dogs over fifty pounds but gentle enough to avoid hurting them. If you’re looking for an intelligent bark control collar to make sure your dog learns without getting hurt, this 10R model from SportDOG makes it easy for you to adjust for your dog’s particular habits. However, one of the real stand-out features of this product is designed for early in your dog’s no-bark training. What you’re getting with this collar from Electronic No Bark Collar from DogTek is a bark collar designed for dogs over fifteen pounds that safely and humanely discourages your dog from excessive barking.
To overcome this problem, the DogTek collar isn’t triggered by noise, but by the vibrations of your dog’s throat when he or she barks. If you have multiple dogs or you take your dog out to public dog parks often, you can see why this design would be helpful.
With smaller dog bark control collars, you might find it difficult to find the right amount of correction the get your four-legged friend’s attention without causing him pain. If your dog barks again within a short time, the collar simply puts out the last amount of static to gently deter them. This is by far our favorite small dog bark collar and you can check out more in our full review. If you’re looking for an incredibly simple solution to your dog’s barking habits, then the Petiner is a great system that doesn’t always shock them.
There is quite a lot of controversy regarding the safety and humaneness of training bark collars.
As a responsible pet owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to determine whether this form of correction will work for your dog. The citronella bark collar has a small vile attached to the collar filled with a citronella-based fluid. When the sensors detect excessive vibrations from the dog’s vocal chords, a small mist is released from the anti bark collar towards the dog’s nose. After consistent use, dogs cotton on to the fact that with excessive barking comes this smell and therefore desist from continuous noise making.

Another form of bark collar is one that emits a low electric pulse when a dog’s barking becomes uncontrollable.
The majority of best dog training collars have adjustable settings which you can alter to best suit your pup. It is important to thoroughly investigate the safety features of any potential dog bark collar.
Using one of the best bark collars decreases the likelihood of an owner getting frustrated and using ‘smacking’ techniques to control their dog. This model is triggered by the vibrations of your dog’s throat (not ambient noise) and can be set to seven different intensity settings to discourage your furry friend from barking all night.
Once your dog has stopped barking, you can easily switch the collar from on to off; that way, when your dog isn’t wearing the shock collar, you don’t have to worry about anything else setting it off. The bark collar is waterproof and Quick Charge rechargeable, so that you can go from empty to full in two hours and you can take your Dogtra anywhere your dog takes you. With its two input safety system (both barking and throat vibration), you can be sure that when it’s going off, it’s your dog that’s doing the barking.
If you’ve got a particularly vocal dog, it will keep barking even while being shocked, even to the point of hurting itself.
While other collars can sense a rise in sound and deliver a gentle shock based on the noise, this idea means that, occasionally, your dog will receive a shock based on another dog’s bark and the training becomes moot. Because only your dog’s actions trigger the shock, it’s much easier for them to recognize the cause and correct their behavior. Fortunately, the Little Dog Bark Control Collar from Petsafe, in addition to having a super-light nanotech collar and a nylon body, can control its own shock volume. With this kind of gentle increase without static shocks, your dog can learn not to bark without being shocked. There has been an extensive look at bark collar reviews to show that no harm comes to dogs from bark collars. This barking dog collar is considered the effective however some dogs, after prolonged use, will become accustomed to the pitch and is unlikely to react to it, states many bark collar reviews. The more sophisticated models have built-in memory sensors which will automatically adjust the setting to what is most appropriate for the dog. Most brands of no bark collars have a sensor which automatically switches the collar off if the dog barks for more than 90 seconds.
Make sure that the collar is snug and does not dig into part of the skin, and the best bark collars will come with instructions on how to fit them properly.
These will either be too extreme for your dog, or your dog will become accustomed to the sensation and may not respond the way you wish to the repellent.

Ask friends, neighbors and your local vet what experiences they have had with bark collars. If the barking continues, it releases a gentle electric shock not unlike a small burst of static electricity. Combine that with the collar’s three settings for a short shock, a longer shock, and just a warning beep, and you’ll see why this product is a great buy for your talkative four-legged friend.
Once your dog starts barking, this collar delivers a light shock that gradually gets more intense until the barking stops.
If your dog barks again within 30 seconds, the beep gets louder, and this continues for three cycles.
If you have re-homed a rescue dog, it is highly recommended that you consider alternative means of barking correction. An added bonus is that as well as this scent being unpleasant to dogs, it is also a flea repellent, and so, while pup is still learning to control his barking, the fleas will be kept at bay!
If the dog continues to bark for over one minute it will shut down for two to five minutes, so as to not be continuously shocking the dog. This form of bark control is akin to human shouting methods at a dog and is not harmful to their hearing. Most electric pulse dog collars are equipped with automatic levels, which increase the intensity depending on how prolonged the barking is. There have been rare instances when these sensors have malfunctioned, so it is recommended that you do not have your dog wear a bark control collar when you are not at home. Though there is no evidence of a shock collar causing any harm to dogs, many people do not like to utilize this form of shock collar, as they are uneasy with this form of correction and many shock collar reviews state the same. According to bark collar reviews, Sportdog, Petsafe, and Dogtra are some of the top choices on the market. Combining a bark collar with a loving environment where your dog knows he will be rewarded for positive behavior, will ensure a happy dog that will content and less stressed. After consistent wearing of the collar, the deterrent should discourage the dog from barking for excessive lengths of time. This type of shock bark collar allows owners to set the level to exactly what works for them. Though they are significantly pricier in the beginning, there is no continual re-purchasing cost, making them the best value overall.

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