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Some rescue organizations and shelters have training programs in place that teach simple commands to the older dogs in their care, thereby making them more adoptable. Another advantage is that older dogs usually don’t have the same high energy levels as puppies, which can make them easier to care for, especially if you are getting older yourself. When adopting an older canine, Faye has some advice gleaned from her experience working with rescue dogs. Professional dog trainer Melony Phillips agrees that it’s important to inquire about an adult or older dog’s history when adopting. It’s important to keep in mind that older dogs sometimes come with age-related health problems that you’ll have to factor into the care regime. Some even believe that a dog past the age of two years is incapable of learning new behaviors, schedules and habits.
Contrary to popular belief, in fact, older dogs can sometimes be easier to train than pups. Dogs of all ages need regular exercise, of course, but older canines often aren’t as physically demanding as pups, which means walks and playtimes don’t take up as much time and energy. This is certainly a consideration, but if you have adopted the dog from a reputable shelter or rescue that has assessed his behavioral traits and addressed any serious problems, then it shouldn’t necessarily be cause for worry.

But in the case of her own dog, an Old English Mastiff named Gage, now seven, there wasn’t much history available.
Studies suggest approximately 1 in 400 or 500 dogs suffer from diabetes, which may significantly reduce their quality of life and may even lead to fatality when left undetected and untreated. Faye Owen, a canine behavior consultant, says that older dogs generally have a longer attention span when compared to puppies.
Sherry Silvers recently took on the care of her son’s Australian shepherd mix, Jack, who is 12 years old.
There’s a perception that mature dogs are set in their ways, are untrainable, and can’t be easily blended into a household. Her son had rescued Jack when the dog was two years old, but when Jack got older he was diagnosed with diabetes and arthritis.
They are passed by due to this old belief that an old dog cannot possibly learn a new family and make a good pet. This popular lie about senior dogs leads to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths of intelligent, loving and gentle canine companions.
These golden oldies have a better understanding of human behavior and body language while their younger counterparts are still very new to the idea of training and learning what their human wants from them.

The old dog, however, understands already that good behavior means rewarding consequences from his humans. Your old dog can learn new tricks, but he can learn so much more!For many old shelter dogs, their life doesn’t truly begin until they walk out of their kennel for the last time and follow you home. The old dog may be completely comfortable in his position in the human pecking order and just wait for your newest teachings to show him what you expect of his behavior. He will follow your guidance with a gentle eagerness, ready to learn the ways of his new companions.Not all are lazyNot all senior dogs are lazy, calm, or take life in simple strides. It’s not uncommon to hear of dogs 9 and 10 years old still effectively competing in the agility ring! Even older hunting breeds can learn to hone their natural skills and instincts to aid you during a hunt. A younger dog may be hyperactive, require seemingly unending amounts of exercise and training while an older dog would be happier by your side with any task you may be doing.

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