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Providing affordable dog training solutions to our Birmingham, AL clients, we are glad to be the recommended dog trainer for the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area.
Dealing with aggression and other dog related problems can be extremely frustrating for many people. Serving the following areas: Kimberly, Hayden, Cullman, Hanceville, Morris, Gardendale, Fultondale, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Forestdale, Sumiton, Jasper, Dora, Pinson, Centerpoint, Leeds, Trussville, Irondale, Moody and the Greater Birmingham area. Corey has been handling working dogs for over 15 years and brings this experience and knowledge to our clients in Alabama to assist them in solving problems such as aggression, dominance, fear, shyness, biting, jumping, as well as other behavioral issues.
Corey conducts training and certifications for Police and Search and Rescue dogs and handlers.
Corey also participates in our Assistance Dogs for Autism Program by assisting with deliveries of Service dogs to their new families. When it comes to dog aggression and dog behavior problems, Corey Archer is the recommended dog trainer in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Alabama Dog Trainer – We proudly serve Kimberly, Hayden, Cullman, Hanceville, Morris, Gardendale, Fultondale, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Forestdale, Sumiton, Jasper, Dora, Pinson, Centerpoint, Leeds, Trussville, Irondale, Moody and the Greater Birmingham area. We have a number of dog training programs for our clients in Alabama, including customized training programs to fit your individual needs. Private lessons are a great option for dog owners who may be unable to attend weekly group training classes. Our Alabama dog trainer also offers group classes that are a great way to learn how to train your dog in an setting that is designed to allow for optimum interactions with new people, dogs and new environments.

We specialize in dog behavior modification training to help owners remedy difficult and frustrating problems such as: jumping on people, pulling on the leash, biting, nipping, fear, growling, resource guarding, dominance, territorial aggression, fighting and more! Corey Archer, our Alabama Dog Trainer, gives you real-life solutions to resolve dog behavior problems. Corey’s style is straightforward and he has a very goal oriented approach to training and resolving problems. Corey has the experience to effectively resolve behavioral issues including aggression, fighting, biting, phobias and shyness.
Offering behavior modification dog training in a variety of formats, including In Kennel Training, Private Lesson Training and In Home Training, Corey has a solution to your dog related problems. Private lessons allow our trainer to come to your home and coach you in the proper methods of training and reinforcing your dogs behaviors.
Group classes are great for the owners who wants to be involved in the process of training their dog, but just needs a little coaching from a professional trainer to get optimum results.  Our group classes meet once per week and are designed to teach you, the owner, how to properly teach your dog obedience and learn how to effectively resolve unwanted dog behaviors. Because our emphasis is on dog behavior problems, we are quite successful in rehabilitating dogs that other trainers and dog behavior specialists decline to work with. Corey assists in conducting handler courses and regularly instructs at Highland Canine Training, LLC’s School for Dog Trainers. His goal is to always improve relationships between dogs and their owners by teaching effective communication and basic principles of learning. With a focus on successful canine behavior analysis and proper rehabilitation of problem behaviors, Corey takes utilizes proven and effective methods of assisting owners resolve behavioral issues.

All of our dog training and behavior modification programs are veterinarian recommended and guaranteed for life! We commonly find that even small mistakes in reinforcement and communication create problem behaviors in dogs that can be extremely frustrating for owners.
We also welcome what are often considered to be difficult and hard to train dogs or breeds.
He delivers dog training programs in a way this is simple and effective and services are customized to meet the individual needs of the client and dog.
He focuses on assisting clients in dealing with and rehabilitating issues such as dominance aggression, fear aggression, territorial aggression, phobias, shyness, and neurotic behaviors. Our programs provide you with a dog that has completed each stage of training and is well balanced and dependable in a variety of real world environments.
Corey continues to further his education in the dog training field by attending seminars and classes, as well as working with police and search and rescue canine teams.
Our commitment is ensure that owners have a solid understand of proper training techniques so that they are successful in easily maintaining the dogs training for life.

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