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K9 Police Dog Training Florida, high end European German Shepherds available for K-9 police. Academy for Dog Tainers by calling (561) 352-7105 or request more information click here to fill out out contact form.
Pro Dog Academy has a goal of teaching applicants how to become a professional, professional dog trainer who can launch a successful, fulfilling career training dogs every day. To be truly successful training your dog, every handler needs correct and careful instruction on the techniques used to make sure their dog is absolutely flawless or “bomb-proof” in dog professional vernacular.

Our classes range from Basics Pro to the Master Class, our comprehensive curriculum includes everything from puppy development and obedience training to behavior solutions to launch a successful career . Your Pro Dog Academy experience is designed to address industry standards, focused on advancement at your pace, and to be highly effective. Our Professional Dog Trainer Course offers a complete education that is based on the standards of the nationally respected Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the position statements of the leading organization in reward-based dog training, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. With the years of competitive dog sport experience Oscar and his staff have learned, they are highly qualified to guide students in this arena, and have seen many of their students go on to earn titles in various dog sport venues, some even on a National and International level.

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