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Before releasing the Stop That spray, McGlone and his colleagues tested it out on four different groups of barking dogs who were in separate kennels. The first group of dogs only had a person with another dog standing out in front of the kennel.
Understanding why your dog is doing these things is the one of the first step in correcting these behavior issues. Research in animal behavior science has shown that for correcting bad behavior, methods such as punishment, confrontation and aversive training techniques don’t work well at all. Another possible reason could be your dog’s needs aren’t being met properly such as being walked and exercised enough to burn off their energy or they are hungry or uncomfortable and need to get your attention.  If your dog has too much energy building up from not getting enough exercise or play this pent up energy might find another outlet through activities such as barking or chewing on various items around the house.
Still another possibility might simply be that the rewards for their unwanted behavior outweigh the rewards for the desired behavior.  When this is the case find a way to change the balance. You might have to go through this process in several locations before he gets that barking at people in any location is what you don’t approve of. Dogs are not likely to mimic a behavior another dog has been trained to do, such as rolling over or shaking hands, but instinctive behaviors like barking and digging can more easily be transferred from one dog to another.
For this reason, I recommend that owners with a dog already displaying problem behavior, particularly aggressive displays toward other dogs or people, deal with that behavior before they plan any outings with other dogs, or before they consider bringing a second dog into the family.
They wanted to test how effective the pig hormone was, as well as whether the mere act of spritzing the dog was enough to startle them out of their misbehavior. The second group of dogs was sprayed with a placebo (meaning it did not contain the pig hormone) that still made a loud spritzing noise. In fact, with these kinds of techniques the dogs often don’t understand what exactly they are being punished for and will learn to hide their behavior and may even become afraid of you and this can ruin your relationship with them. Some of the other common reasons can include that your dog simply doesn’t know what behavior your want from him.

If this is the case your dog needs to be provided with exercise and play first to exhaust this built up energy before the behavior can be resolved. Remember to praise and reward them when they are in the midst of good behavior and they will understand this is what they should do to make you happy.
For example, if you tell him to stop barking in your living room he will understand not to bark in the living room but you will probably also have to teach him that barking at people on sidewalks while taking a walk or while in the car is also not ok. For example, if your dog jumps on you to greet you and sometimes you pet him and other times you scold him he will be confused about when it is ok to do this and when it isn’t. A complex command for example that involves distance, duration and focus in the midst of distraction is too much for your dog to learn all at once. Dog are very sensitive animals and getting angry at them can make them anxious, nervous and even scared of you and they might start to associate training with something they want to avoid. We've all seen it happen: An individual dog's barking starts an eruption of barking from any and all surrounding dogs.
The family had recently purchased a cattle dog puppy; the younger dog very quickly picked up on the tenseness and reactivity displayed by the older dog and also began to growl and lunge on leash. The good news is that dogs truly want to please their owners so you can make that work to your advantage. Teaching each of the steps individually so they can mastered on their own before combining them into one skill is easier for your dog to learn and easier for your to teach.
And make sure to give the treat and praise him immediately following the desired behavior so he understands what it is you’re trying to teach him. On our first consult, I immediately recommended that the owners walk the dogs separately to prevent the puppy from learning any more unacceptable behaviors from the adult dog. Group four (high pheromone + spritz sound) saw the most promising results: 100% of the dogs (6 out of 6) stopped barking.

When you understand what exactly your dog gets out of a certain behavior you can then reward the behaviors you like and take away the reward of the behaviors you don’t like. If they did something wrong an hour ago and you discover it and yell at them they won’t make a connection between their behavior and the thing your are upset about. There’s a learning curve for both of you with regards to what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. Separation AnxietyIf your dog gets upset when you leave, teach him that you'll always come back. Then teach him to lie down, and stay when you say, "Go to your spot." That will help your dog stay calm and give him something to do while he waits to be greeted. Always watch for signs that your dog is uncomfortable and then do what you can to make her feel better. If your dog is aggressive, work with a professional trainer or your vet to learn how to teach your dog to rely on you in a healthy way. Never leave an aggressive dog alone with children or unfamiliar adults, even if you think he's not likely to hurt anyone. If your dog learns to sit before doing something fun like going for a walk, she learns to control her impulses.

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