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Cute reactions of rescue dogs sleeping for the first time is the cutest thing you will see today!
Bringing baby home to a house full of dogs can be a trying experience; just ask Edwards, who introduced her baby boy to her three curious dogs. With just a little effort, it’s possible to find balance between caring for your “first baby” and your new human baby. With a little one on the way, I've been worried about how to keep baby toys out of my dog's mouth — and vice versa. In a recent YourTango article, writer Elizabeth Broadbent says of dogs, "Say you love them, but don't call them your 'furkid.'" Here's my response in the kids vs. As a new mother, I suddenly find myself understanding why some new parents give away their dogs.

It's been said that dogs can tell when you are sick, sad, or happy; well, now a study has given reason to why this is. I found your blog very interesting because I do believe that dogs are very smart but I would not have expected that they have the same ability to communicate as infants.
There are definitely some similarities between the way a baby acts and the way dogs act but i really don't think it is anything but a coincidence. Paige, this article brought a smile to my face because I want to eventually get a dog when I own my first home ( I prefer huskies I think their the most beautiful dogs on the planet). When it comes to why the dogs are so good at understanding what we mean I think it really just has to do with them following our eye contact. It was found that the dogs gaze followed the person just as often as a 6 month old baby's would.

This article states that there are certain breeds of dogs that can understand what humans are communicating better than others. I think if dogs were actually following our verbal communication cues it would require them to be much more intelligent than they actually are. When they meet a person they don't know they give you what my Psych 100 teacher referred to as "the baby death stare".

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