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See Klaus, one of our Guardian level protection dogs, being delivered to his Houston, TX in this video.
With this option, you know you're getting a dog that has already been thoroughly evaluated and prepared for home defense, eliminating the risk of ending up with a dog not suited for home defense or companionship. These buildings can be on the smaller side, after all, and most complexes are heavily trafficked by people and other dogs. That’s why our protection training system incorporates a broad range of challenges that equip our dogs to adapt to new situations and stand up to extreme pressure. We’re realistic about the fact that 99% of the time, the dogs we offer for sale will be working as trusty sidekicks and not baring their teeth at bad guys. We give our personal protection dogs a very strong command of off-leash obedience so that travelers and residents can feel comfortable keeping a guardian by their side at all times.
A key component of preparing personal protection dogs for life in Texas is getting them accustomed to working not just under high stress, but in high temperatures. From the time our dogs are puppies, they are handled by experienced professionals who know how to nurture their working drives and social nature. Jamaica has the highest crime rate of the islands, but assaults are rampant throughout the region and the Bahamas are reported to have the highest incidence of rape.We offer protection dogs for sale and deliver to international clients.
Some landlords seem like they’re just waiting for a chance to hand their tenants a leash violation. Features of our Guardian Plus protection dogs make this training level ideal for defending against street crime. Instead of getting confused and hindering each other in the heat of the moment, a pair of dogs with cooperative training can be a huge asset.Eteo an Kazou are Belgian Malinois protection dogs who have both been trained at our Guardian Plus level. For residents and travelers who would rather strap on their sandals than a gun holster, personal protection dogs are an excellent security choice.
Khaled's personal dog Eteo happens to be a Belgian Malinois, and he consistently amazes us with his boldness and power. Our Guardian Plus level German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are trained with the ability to handle multiple attackers, so you can send your dog between a number of threats in a situation where you are outnumbered.
Daily outdoor protection training sessions in a all different temperatures mean that the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois we train for protection don't need much pampering. The heavy lifting has already been done and the dogs are completely ready to keep your home safe.You may be wondering if you can bond with an adult dog as well as you could with a puppy, and the answer is yes.
In this video, you can see that they will come to opposite sides of their handler on command.
Our dogs will easily follow your lead, staying right by your side (with or without a leash) and intently waiting for your next command or any signs of danger. Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans are all popular breeds of dogs with strong potential in bite work.
One day he'll be jumping over a brook to get at an attacker, the next day he's diving out of a car window to foil a carjacking.
This is something they only do on command, and it is something that should only ever be done if you feel that the person genuinely intends to harm or kill you.Building SearchesBuilding searches are one of the best ways to train protection dogs to overcome pressure and follow their noses to the bad guy.
Our obedience training is based on the proven methods of our sister company, First Choice Canine.
By making it a daily joy to have a personal protection dog!The cornerstone of that effort is our advanced off-leash obedience training, powered by First Choice Canine’s proven obedience training system. Even when the heat index is high, they still display amazing feats of speed and strength.Believe it or not, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois with thicker coats are not a bad fit for hot climates.

Dogs have earned their reputation "man's best friend" because of how readily they offer their unconditional affection. They do this in perfect unison, and as shown in the video, they will even run past the decoy to form this protective barrier instead of becoming distracted and taking a bite before they were commanded to.
Unlike typical guard dogs, all of our trained protection dogs for sale have friendly personalities and impeccable manners. At the end of the day, there is a higher number of German Shepherds that have been bred to possess the traits needed for true personal protection. In this situation, you can switch your protection dog into a state of silent, heightened preparedness. Even though we are training working dogs to be professional and precise, at the end of the day they are still loving dogs who would like nothing more than to protect and bond with their master. Instead of leaving them at home, you can enjoy taking them for a run on the beach or a dip in the water.The best personal protection dogs are capable not only of physically stopping an attacker, they're able to deter a crime from even being attempted.
That means that when we travel to Europe to purchase new dogs for protection training we are able to maximize our sample size.
In this environment, custom trained personal protection dogs will easily top guard dogs that don’t have the same advanced training or control.
Despite their low maintenance qualities, when we deliver personal protection dogs to Texas homes, we stress the importance of providing plenty of shade, airflow and water to any outside guard dogs.A Texas protection dog is much more likely to find himself tackling a threat in the great outdoors than a protection dog in New York. Criminals prefer easy targets, and the speed and power of a personal protection dog is much greater than that of a human. While these two dogs differ in final training level and appearance, they come together with precision in functional training scenarios.
Most of their customers are police and military operations that can purchase an intense dog without great social skills. That gives them a massive advantage against any home invader trying to avoid detection.Going Over (and Through) ObstaclesWe use many different pieces of training equipment to simulate realistic obstacles that our protection dogs might encounter. We get the dogs used to covering all kinds of terrain, going over natural obstacles and searching for a threat in thick wooded areas. These dogs won't be living with families, so as long as they're healthy and powerful they fit the bill. Our German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois practice jumping into and out of moving vehicles, diving through small windows with precision, jumping onto high platforms (such as roofs) and more.Fighting Against Armed AttackersThe two things we value most is your safety and the safety of our dogs.
The dogs are conditioned to track movements with their eyes, ears and noses.This protection dog training video shows a variety of outdoor situations, including bitework in the woods, tree climbing and jumping over obstacles. These pages feature a variety of protection dog breeds, sexes, and training levels, but understand that any dog that we list on our website is healthy and fully socialized.Choosing between protection dog breeds and appearance is simply a matter of personal preference.
For instance, having two dogs means that one could take watch over the backyard while the other patrols in the interior of the house. There is a misconception that a working line dog will be hectic and high energy in a smaller space, but our dogs offer energy on demand. We prepare our protection dogs to face off against armed attackers in a way that is as realistic as possible while still being safe.
If you see a dog that interests you and want to know where he or she stands with trick training, send us a message today. In one example, Eteo, a Belgian Malinois trained for protection, jumps over a stream in the woods that would take a human significantly more time and effort to cross.
Training with simulated gunfire and other weapons is performed to ensure that dogs will not back down from any pressure in a critical situation.

In another, he scales a steep ledge with ease, proving yet again that a fully trained protection dog can run circles around a human criminal!
Each member of the family receives training on obedience and protection handling, so this client's wife and children can remain under the protection of one dog while another follows its master on trips.A similar situation is that of Curtis and Zira, a male and female German Shepherd pair who have been trained to work together. Much like the old adage, "the best camera is the one you have with you," the best protection dog is the one that's at your side and keeping you safe when danger presents itself.
You can see examples of this in our protection dog training videos.Muzzle AttacksAsking a protection dog to go after an attacker without using his or her mouth is like asking a police officer to arrest someone with their hands tied.
A protection dog's speed, paired with his sharp sense, means that he can cover and guard the kind of expansive properties that our clients in Texas tend to have.Snakes are a fact of life in Texas, and creatures like the Texas Coral Snake, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Southern Copperhead and Western Coppermouth pose a grave danger to humans and dogs alike. These two muscular dogs deliver a one-two punch that easily tackle even our largest decoy trainers.
By placing a sturdy, padded leather muzzle on our dogs, we can then send them for a bite against a trainer wearing no equipment. One training exercise we recommend to owners of protection dogs in TX, FL, NC, GA and other southern states is snake alert and avoidance. An explanation of our training levels can be found here.Once you have narrowed your search to a few of our protection dogs for sale, it's time to fill out our short questionnaire. Kazou, for instance, is one of the most impressive dogs we've worked with regardless of breed or sex. This form will let us better understand your lifestyle so that we can help you in your decision making process. Buying a puppy for protection is a bit like having a baby because you need someone to fix your car. For one thing, it's a huge gamble: there's a very good chance that he or she will never have the inclination or ability to do the job. This is a great time to have any lingering questions answered and to learn more about the purchase and delivery process.Our focus is on selecting, training and delivering the best protection dogs possible.
We're very careful about which dogs we select—we accept fewer than 5% of the dogs we evaluate in Europe. If none of our protection dogs we currently offer for sale seem like a good fit for you, contact us to let us know what you're looking for. With an adult dog, you know what his or her personality is like from day one, and you can clearly see whether or not the dog is up to the task of protection.Many people worry that they will not bond the same way with an adult as they would with a puppy, but this is not true! If none of the dogs in our inventory are just what you want, we'll take your "wish list" on our next buying trip and bring you back a custom European import.As soon as you have decided on the dog for you, we'll begin modifying the dog's existing training to suit your needs. If you selected a protection dog that was already listed for sale on the website, the training would already be mostly complete and simply needs to be customized to the client's preferences.
The amount of time needed for these finishing touches varies based on what is requested, but generally takes just a few weeks. Once the training is finished, we will make the delivery.Our protection dog deliveries are coordinated far in advance so that you can allocate time for learning how to handle your dog.

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